Divided Waters: My Hearts Desire

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CtoriaNoel By CtoriaNoel Updated 11 months ago
The daughter of the Mermaid Queen, and Selkie King Amiria is expected to be of the sea. When she finds her home on land, what will she do. Bound by promises, and an unwanted Destiny she finds her way through life, and love. Finding her place for all of eternity.
x0reox x0reox 2 years ago
Where did you get the name Amiria from? ;D That's my name and I wasn't expecting it to appear in the story!
janefoxx janefoxx 3 years ago
Was that a poem or a prophecy of some sort? I like it, it's really hard for me to write stuff like that. I noticed that you misspelled prologue. It's 'prologue' not 'prologe' Just thought that you should know. :)
LondonGinger LondonGinger 3 years ago
Unusual but a very well written poem, hopefully you link this later on in the story
NicoletteAndrews NicoletteAndrews 3 years ago
This poem is absolutely beautiful! I'm assuming it has to do with the story  intrigued.
NessieMarie NessieMarie 3 years ago
A very different start to a story... Nothing I've ever seem before. Love it's uniqueness and it's imagery. Very good start. Loved it!
TheNewSylfaen TheNewSylfaen 3 years ago
I loved this... introduction? I don't know what you call it, but it's really good. Beautifully written, it attracted my attention(: