Dare to Play a Game Called Love?

This is a story of girl who really, really hates boys. She's clever but totally not a fashionista. A guy came into her life. That guy was her enemy since the day that they met. But, things do change. He courted her and suddenly, she fell in love. But, a nightmare happened. The courting thing was a lie and everything was a trick! After some years, she went back, totally different. And the only thing in her mind is to revenge. Will that vengeance be successful or she'll get drowned by his love again? Find out in this story! Happy Reading! :DD
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supER like .. MY SOFT COPY PO BA ?? PABASA KO LANG sa mga friends ko .. hehehe .. *u*
@StarPrincess09 sige blossom. kaya lang, di ko pag umiral yung sakit kong katam, di ko mababasa :(( 20+ chapters ka na pala xD
@StarPrincess09 Sige mamaya lang hihi! Pavote ako per chpaters dun sa story ko! Ty! ^0^
Mukang magaaandaaaaaa. :D Prologue pa lang lakas na ng dating! HAHAHAHA. xD Matapang yung girl! Thumbs up. :bd
ganda ng intro ah !! Let the games begin... laro lang talaga ? SIge nga babasahin ko ito !
totally like your poem sa simula.... looking forward to the next chapter! Let the game begin! :)

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