Rejected For Being Different ( Book 1 0f The Werewolf Series)

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Samy Wilding Moore By Devilxinxdisguise Completed
Callie is an abused emo girl who gets rejected by her mate for being a loser but will he find it in his heart to find the unique and special girl she keeps locked inside. Callie has been through hell in her life she has be raped beaten and tourtured for as long as she can remember all she wants is too be loved will her wish ever come true? or will Evil befall Callie once more? Find out Now

Its been edited so there are a few new bits in the chapter that were already posted so please read im hoping i have made it better x

( This is my first story so please let me know all critisim and comments you have and vote are much appriciated too thanks x)
so she just screaming this infront of her whole class ..... ummm
I like the story, but it's kinda hard to read since it's all bold. Also, I don't mind the songs, but if they were in a different font or something that would separate them, it would be easier to tell where they start and end.
It seem like the first two chapters of this story is half song lyrics if you take away the song lyrics you would be left with about ten sentences or maybe more in the last two chapters all I'm saying is there are a lot of lyrics.
Why is the entire thing in bold font style? I'm sorry but I couldn't even finish the first chapter :(
This story really needs an editor or something. Im sorry but you need to work on your punctuation, grammar, and spelling. The story will be a lot better and there will be better comments. 
Anyway, enough of the negative comment. I like the plot and the characters. Keep on with the good work.
This is a great chapter so far! The only thing that needs a little bit of editing is the punctuation. You need more commas and full stops. But other than that, its really good. :)