The Only Hope For Me Is You (Frerard fan fic)

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_flyingsquirrels By _flyingsquirrels Updated 3 years ago
It's confusing isn't it? When you're best friend kisses you, and then walks off. You can't tell whether it was a joke, whether they meant it, whether you liked it. The guys in My Chemical Romance aren't any different, and when Frank kisses Gerard, things change. But will it be  true love forever, or will it end horribly for everyone?
mxthaneskies mxthaneskies 7 months ago
that was actually really cute. it's one of my favorite frerard moments c:
3cheers4killjoy 3cheers4killjoy 3 years ago
Wut a way tostart a story!!!!!!  It iz just lyk..... BAM!  Here it is.  Luved it incase ya cant tell!
ConventionalWeapon ConventionalWeapon 3 years ago
Ferard forever homophobes can go and die in a fiery pit !,oh im sorry was that a little. Over the top...-____-
FunkyPigeonDotCom FunkyPigeonDotCom 3 years ago
Frerard is the best. heh heh. its not possible to hate Frerard.
Snowdrop07 Snowdrop07 3 years ago
@flyingsquirrels This is my face :O Seriously, if you fancy both of them so much then why do you write a story about them kissing each other?! That's just twisted!