Remember Me? [ManxMan] [ GOING TO BE REDONE ]

Lucas Irwin has changed. Growing from the tentative shy boy to the rich, strong and stubborn man he is today. With the new love of his life- his business, he doesn't have any room of thought for other trivial matters such as family. With the surprising news of his newly-engaged sister he is forced back to the old home he swore he would never go back to. Lucas knows all too well that past still leaves him vulnerable and he has promised himself that if he came face to face with the bastard that caused him to become an emotional-wreck he would punch him flat in the face. Like he said, he's changed. If it's for the better...well that's debatable.
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My heart was hurting from the start to the end of the chapter. I even had tears in my eyes. I don't think of it as depressing, but all to real.
@youngtivvy If you looked on her profile it does say that this story is on hold.
ahhhh seth thats my fave name

haha the kids are relentless

seth is the kid from years ago maybe??

love this, update soon
It sounds sad right now but i know it will be a great series :) I'll keep reading if you keep writing!

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