Remember Me? [Drama/Romance/Erotica][BoyxBoy]

My life is great, my life is great. That is the constant statement in which I must keep repeating. Lucas Irwin has a good life, him being a hansome rich entrepreneur with a positive future. But as he returns for the family 'get together' he meets someone who he wishes he never met, a guy that wrecked his heart which he sort of wants to thank for, for putting him in his place but loving him again is out of the question...right? [Shitty summarising x_x :D ]
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My heart was hurting from the start to the end of the chapter. I even had tears in my eyes. I don't think of it as depressing, but all to real.
@youngtivvy If you looked on her profile it does say that this story is on hold.
ahhhh seth thats my fave name

haha the kids are relentless

seth is the kid from years ago maybe??

love this, update soon
-kicks that hoe out of the story- She's a silly hoe, she's obviously not seen the title BoyxBoy not BoyxBitch.  ;D pardon my french..
Great chapter hehe.
No way!! I have something on my mind and I'm just guessing here but I guess I'll have wait :)
It sounds sad right now but i know it will be a great series :) I'll keep reading if you keep writing!

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