Life In The Akatsuki (Shippuden Fan Fic)

Life in the Akatsuki can be...entertaining? Well, of course, when Yuki Konishi lives there. But it can be hard. Especially when thoughts of Uchiha Sasuke plague you, and the leader things you're annoying. But who doesn't think Konishi is annoying? :) Anyways, Konishi is put through a new set of problems, that could possibly include brain problems, friends fighting against friends, and Sasuke. All problems are to be blamed on him. This is a sequel to The Last? so you might wanna read that first... ^u^ *I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS...ONLY THE ONES I MAKE!
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Ok I havent started reading your story yet but im just going to say your awesome. I freaking love Naruto !!!!!!!!!!!
I like the fourth Hokages hair as well as most of the cast who's hair defies gravity I wish mine did :(
so what is the first story you wrote that is the sequel to this (note: sorry i'm pretty stupid :P)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! :P that's all i thought through this! The ending is so sweet! <3
@AlanaObsidian03 I KNEW IT!!!!!! -fist pumps- TAKE THAT YOU SANDAS!!!!! -hugs you- HUGGING TIMEEEEEEEEEE!!!! -glomps everyone-
@AlanaObsidian03 I bet I can make itachi smile!!!! -pulls him and you in this insanity of ours-

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