Mindless Behavior Lovestory Rated R *Caution Extreme Drama*

Hi I'm Reality.!! This is my first fan fiction book ever written.!!! This book is about 4 friends who meet Mindless Behavior and you know the rest ... This book is full of Drama that will keep you talking for days.!! And, most of the situations are based on my life.!!! So it's really drama filled. So enjoy and comment, spread the word, vote, become a fan.!!! • P.S. I WILL WRITE EVERYDAY.!!!!!
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Tre put your hands on her again , I will come through this screen and not the waves out your hair .
OH HELL NAW, IT'S THIS DAMN BRANDON ISN'T IT...I didn't realise I was typing in all caps...
DEAD! tht must of really hurt roc .. hushh roc .. but if i were her i wud be like : HELL YEAA!
ughhh. are u writing more now and get on fb so i can vent to you i realllllyyy need to

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