The Other Is Gold [On Hold]

In every girl's life, there is that one boy that changes everything. That one boy that makes food taste better, music sound better, and reality seem like a fairytale. For Scarlet Caraway, that one boy was Nate. That was until he moved all the way across the world. Now, it's been two years and their love for each other has faded away...or so she thought. Scarlet has moved on with a new boyfriend, new friends, and a new whole. Everything was going perfect until that one day where Nate shows up unexpectedly at her front door. Now, Scarlet was choose who her heart really belongs to. Her once loved boyfriend, Nate, or her jocky new boyfriend- Ben. Who will she choose? And more importantly, how far will the boys go to get Scarlet's heart?
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Oh my gosh. The beginning was so cute. I love romantic stuff especially when it's cheesy. This sounds really good and was a great prologue! Love it!
The beginning is so romantic. I like cheesy stuff, LOL. Anyway it was a good start. :)
ooh this is good I want to know more about it like why Nate left in the first place. This is deffinately very good :D
I really love this,it's so well written and i am gonna stick with it, i wanna see how it turns out :)
Wow that was truly amazing! You are a very good writer. I didn't see the ending coming.
The beginning was so sweet! I love your story idea, didn't see any mistakes, and well written.

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