Bits and pieces of my life enter at your own risk.
arayah arayah a year ago
It was very sad it made me sad worst poem ever poems are suppose to be funny this one didn't really make since other poems do.
NativeOfNeverland NativeOfNeverland 2 years ago
You are amazing!!! Please read my poems my accounts Drunk_on_almdudler!! Thanks xxxxxx
kittylover7907 kittylover7907 2 years ago
I'm crying!! Very well done. It meant alot to me because I am currently going through the pain of loss my self. thank you!
omgdoublerainbow omgdoublerainbow 2 years ago
i feel like this sometimes theres always a lonely in a happy
bitbit9713 bitbit9713 2 years ago
I loved it... it actually meant something to me.....
IvyDulpina IvyDulpina 2 years ago
such a wonderful yet so sad poem..
i remember someone close to my heart..
but she's gone now..