Partners In Crime Solving [S1- completed]

In New York City crime never sleeps. Alya is a young socialite with a missing past and a tendency to get herself into trouble. William is a private detective, with a promising career and a penchant for complicated cases. Together, they are partners in crime solving. ~A story written in episodes~ [S E A S O N O N E]
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i love love love this idea. i dont know why i cant watch the trailer but i know without watching it that this will be a great series. thanks for writing, love.
Amazing trailer set aside, I can't wait to actually read this! It sounds brilliant, if I do say so myself.
Oh my gosh! I love the whole idea and it sounds so interesting! And not to mention the trailer is soooo good!
Well, it's about time that I started to read this. Hehe! I actually like the song (mainly chorus), so I'm hooked. xD
Oh my gosh. This is such a cool idea.

Not only is the plot amazing, but I like how you set it up like a T.V show. So cute. :)
I really like this idea. It's original and hasn't been done. Can't wait to read more ;)

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