The Wonderful World Of Poke-Huh?! (NarutoXPokémon)

So what happens when the Naruto group are suddenly thrown into the world of Pokémon?
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Boy am I lucky! I finally decide to read a Pokemon fan-fic and I find one that's a naruto crossover! ROCKIN!
im the first to write a naruto and suite life on deck crossover! ;P
It's my first crossover so it's still specil(sorry 1's won't work) (_bc=123)
GARDEVOIR! She was my favourite pokemon ever when I was 6 or something! :D First Naruto/Pokemon crossover I've read and I'm really enjoying it! ;D Please upload more soon? And I know I'm asking this on chapter 2 instead of chapter 5, I think? So yeah, MOAR!
Upload soon :D I really wanted to read a naruto, pokemon crossover but this is the only one i could find so ig uess your idea is quite unique :)
I luv this~screams~pokemon and naruto together update soon this is great!!!

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