His love saved me (Book II)

Caydee and Brent are married, with plenty children to love and care for but there daughter who means far much more than she thinks is still roaming around the world thinking she has no dad. Celeste falls in love, hurts, and finds herself. While Brent questions his abilities as an Alpha and most importantly a father.
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I don't appreciate how u leave the book with a cliff hanger and have not updated in some months I really enjoy this book please update
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess WHAT??!! IM IN TORONTO, CANADA! Yup! gonna c u there!!! LOL!!:)
I read the frist book before this  nd its turnin out amazingly I just hope brent finds celest!!  btw how old r da kids
Celeste Is so much like Caydee. I cant beleve her Granddad kidnapped her. i hope she find her real parints.
Love it
yeah I guess it is better but I still hate that her granddad stoled her in the first place and Brent and Caydee don't know how she is or where she is
If you updaate more chapters I will read all your stories and vote for all in wattyawards and it will make my day :)

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