I Hate Love Stories

An ex-boyfriend. A fat, curveless figure. And no friends. Karly Jacobs is a teen in high school. Her role in her school's status started off as Ms. Popularity Princess, but has slowly declined to That One Fat Girl With No Friends. With the help of her new friend, Jessica, Karly is able to regain her confidence and meet new people. But will she ever get over her ex? Or will she stick to mooning after him and hating all love stories?
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Hey will u plz let me know what the title is of the next chApter I am so interested such a good book! (:
This is really great! Karly's over reacting :( I hope Josh will forgive her lol :)
@Avalon_Psychic  I'm glad you got it and don't think I'm some random person (although I probably am) haha :)
real funny :) keep up the humour and great work! A loyal fan and commenter is what I am from now on whether you like it or not. haha. Be ready :))
Omigosh I would totally do that! Gotta go add that to my list of things to do at a bad date! Can't wait for upload!

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