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The Restricted version of Read My Lips....IT IS NOT EROTICA in any way. It is just a slightly steamier version of the original, and the version I wanted for this story.
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enjoy characters that are a bit different,  like the ones you've described.  house sounds awesome.
Wow, this is so different from what I normally read. But I don't think I can stop reading it. They both have this fire in them that is fighting to come out.
I have a deaf brother, and I pretty much observed his mannerisms mirror that of Amber's. Nice work on the research and portrayal. Just wanted to say.
This is just too good for me not to comment. This Amber has quite the character! And I think she's lovely too. Hmm...
I've heard somewhere that you have to capture your readers with the very first line in a story. You sure managed that. Original, thank you.
@hannah_t your comment made me lol i was thinking the same thing when i was reading :)))

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