Read My Lips: Restricted Version

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Heather McGhee By hmmcghee Completed
The Restricted version of Read My Lips....IT IS NOT EROTICA in any way.  It is just a slightly steamier version of the original, and the version I wanted for this story.
That is me. Like, always. Socializing requires effort and I just don't think it's worth it or maybe I'm too lazy and maybe I'll regret it later on but nurturing friendship is not my forte.
I haven't read all your stories yet, but I love them allready.
enjoy characters that are a bit different,  like the ones you've described.  house sounds awesome.
you're a good writer and a good narrator. it's so difficult to find authors like you on wattpad who aren't simply telling a story. you're so talented.. keep up :)
I have a deaf brother, and I pretty much observed his mannerisms mirror that of Amber's. Nice work on the research and portrayal. Just wanted to say.
I've heard somewhere that you have to capture your readers with the very first line in a story. You sure managed that. Original, thank you.