Pizza Delivery (boyxboy)

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The Cookie Monster By The Cookie Monster Completed
A short gay romance story between a guy and his pizza deliverer :)
If the pizza man truly loves the baby sitter than why does he keep slapping her rear
hello new reader po ako..^_^ ....*as if its all in  English gonna check the way of doing thing..^_^ .. love english *
I'm liking it ;-) and i have been in josh's shoes when it comes to boring jobs lol i think most have though <3
ooooo. Nice start ;) I see something brewing on here lol ;D
I understand the burning part. Not the best of cooks myself -.-
Thankfully theres people to make food for us! :D
Onto the next chapter (: I like how Alice is Les and Oliver's gay
This one was cute too! I want another chapter and I find it fnny that he burnt pizza because I do that a lot :D
@TheCookieMonster of course I will enjoy it!!! Sometimes a simple plot can make a very enjoyable story!