Pizza Delivery (boyxboy)

A short gay romance story between a guy and his pizza deliverer :)
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hello new reader po ako..^_^ ....*as if its all in  English gonna check the way of doing thing..^_^ .. love english *
I'm liking it ;-) and i have been in josh's shoes when it comes to boring jobs lol i think most have though <3
I agree with MrsDSam... what a weird lady o.O
Aww, i love how cute Josh is! Reminds me of a lost puppy ;D
Good job ! Always wanted green converse...
Don't play hard to get! Lmao!!! Weird cougar!!!!! Alright somebody make the first move! Can't wait for more!!!
I hope Josh goes and chase down Oliver!!! I cnat wait to see what happens! I will be waiting.
Run after him damn it!!!! do anything as long as you don't let him get away!!!! Pounce in the guy for all i care just get you man!!!!! Upload soon =) x

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