Daughter Of Both Clans

Rose Daggers is the blood of a Wolf and a Vampire , it was all because of her parents. There was a rule to the Vampire and Wolf clan, it was to never seel love with their enemy but obviously Rose's parents broke that law and had her. The leaders of the clans were shocked when they found out so they sought to kill her parents along with her so it may not continue, her father died saving her and her mother. Rose's mother then sent her to a school with different kinds of other creatures and warned her not to fall in love with another wolf so she wouldn't have the same fate as her mother did, even thought she was half blood she still couldn't fall in love with a wolf because her blood is mostly her dad's, a vampire. During her time in school she meets the son of the Alpha in the Wolf clan and secretly falls in love with him. What will her mother say about this?
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I suggest checking what you capitalise (I think that is spelled correctly), and I needs to be capital.

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