Random thoughts. <3

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irwinsobrien By irwinsobrien Updated 2 years ago
1D related things. ♥
ThreeLarryDays ThreeLarryDays 2 years ago
i'll satay here 'till my work is done, 'till i know i fulfill my mission and the peace was restored in the fandom.. then, i'll be able to smile and say that i've done right what i'd had to.. thank you for this amazing fandom that brought me back to my feet when i was falling.
thesarahdanielle thesarahdanielle 2 years ago
Please read my would you rather's! There one direction style!
_apathy _apathy 2 years ago
this just made me cry......please let that day be far!!!! I never wanna forget them, they make me so happy
BarbaraPires BarbaraPires 3 years ago
omg , this made my day... TRUE DIRECTIONER OVER THERE AND HERE TOO  (:
BridieRoseWebster BridieRoseWebster 3 years ago
friggin' hell you're gonna make me cry!! Directioner forever :'(