Sexual Frustration (BXB)

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Eli, Tyler and Kaleb. By Eli, Tyler and Kaleb. Updated a year ago
Lucas and Aiden are polar opposites. One's popular, one isn't. One is nice, one's a complete ass.
Yet, for some reason they end up kissing.
One of them denies it, the other accepts it, thus leading to more arguments and issues.
What happens when all one wants is the other...but the other wants to get as far away as possible from the "weird" one?
So Aiden is lusting over Lucas but he doesn't even acknowledge him AT ALL?
What? That's it? Update!!!!! I need to know what's he's going to say!!!!!
Aww I'm so proud of you guys!! its so good! if you ever get writers block just pm me bout it.. I kinda have a LOT of ideas.. I just never get to updating/even write.. lol
That was Awesome please update i feel the start of a fantastic  new story & i have now voted ;)
@YourRoyalHotness I'd make you a cover but I suck.

I want the dedication. I read it.