I'm in love with my brother?! (Incest!)

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Hetachia By XBlackDeathX Updated a year ago
Hello! My name is Katirena. I have an older brother name Benedetto. You see, i have a beautiful happy family. My brother has a girlfriend, my parents are constantly working but love each other dearly and us as well....Did i also mention i have the craziest crush on my brother?! (Yea..try this incest for size!)
I see what you mean but maybe there people who believe everyone is beautiful
I swear. none of these books iv found have a chick that isnt. "very pretty" its like. the whole world just pretty girls? or do people just not want to write about the not physically attractive.
me and my sister was born on the same day but 9 years apart, shes 24 and im 15
@Ali_C27 yeah ikr my hair is curly and has a natural Auburn color it stopa half way to my butt
Yeah I would agree, my hair stops growing at the end of my butt :3
its not really weird because my mom and uncle have the same birthdays except there like 10 years apart and so is my cousin except they`re 5 years apart