I'm in love with my brother?! (Incest!)

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Hetachia By XBlackDeathX Updated 9 months ago
Hello! My name is Katirena. I have an older brother name Benedetto. You see, i have a beautiful happy family. My brother has a girlfriend, my parents are constantly working but love each other dearly and us as well....Did i also mention i have the craziest crush on my brother?! (Yea..try this incest for size!)
me and my sister was born on the same day but 9 years apart, shes 24 and im 15
@Ali_C27 yeah ikr my hair is curly and has a natural Auburn color it stopa half way to my butt
Yeah I would agree, my hair stops growing at the end of my butt :3
its not really weird because my mom and uncle have the same birthdays except there like 10 years apart and so is my cousin except they`re 5 years apart
They share the same birth date so he would have just turned 19.. So 2 yrs difference is correct..Quote "....and my brother just turned 19 as well"
@hate_life well, she just turned 17, her brother probably hasn't have his birthday yet.