A Servant for a Mate

My name is Claudia and I'm a Servant in the royal castle. At the tender age of 10 I found my age, but in a rash decision I changed my life and the kingdom. Eight years have pasted from that fateful night. Things will change, lies will be unfolded, lives put in danger. People will die, but in the end love is what I will hold onto. My name is Caden and I am the Prince of all werewolves. My life ended the day my mate ran from me. On my twelfth birthday my parents held a ball for me to find my mate. Honestly it didn't matter to me who she was because in the end she was mine. Mine to hold, to kiss and to love for the rest of my life. For the past eight years I have slept with half the kingdoms single wolves in hopes of drowning out my grief. Don't get me wrong, I still hope that she will change her mind, but the odds are against me. The thing she doesn't know about a royal is that if a female rejects her mate, he will die at the age of twenty-one. I have one year to find and claim her, otherwise I will no longer exist. In the Process of Re-writing this story. Be fore warned it is not finished and there are mistakes.
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@JustMeWithMyself or worse a goat there swapping bodies with humans that's how they scream like humans
Or are you human??! You never know, you might be a giraffe in disguise and you're not telling us!!;)
i have read this book a thousand times and i love it and i love your attitude towards hates not caring what they think you are awesome
"At the tender age of 10, I found my age" pretty sure there's an error there lol
Just wanted to say I loved your rant. Right on! keep on writing, never let your imagination die.
Wow you are a well written and proper writer I will respect you and your story. Can't wait to read your story. :-)

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