A Servant for a Mate

It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running and hiding became a natural for Claudia. Fear over took her heart at such a young age, making her stay away from the one boy who would be her everything. Now eight years has passed. Claudia continues to hide, but her time is running out. Once she hits her 18th birthday her wolf will connect to Caden's. Will she be able to stay away from the man who once destroyed her vision of mates? Or will she run into his open arms? _____________________ In the Process of Re-writing this story. I'm at chapter 10 right now... All other chapters are empty. _____________________
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All I wanna say is that I love you because your standing up for yourself and I think that's amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Wow. You sound EXACTLY like me. You are an odd ball, you write for fun to get away from the real world, and you don't like rude comments. Perfection.
good for you. and your right sometimes spell check is worse than what we meant to say or right.
dang girl u tell them I like u already lol I can tell this book is going to be great XD
Lol I like you, your are perfectly right no one is perfect and mistakes are made Nice job^-^
maybe if you wouldn't put your book was forty two chapters people would not got wrong idea when really it only fourteen chapter.

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