Broken (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

**WILL SOON BE UNDERGOING EXTREME EDITING** *FIRST BOOK IN THE "BROKEN" TRILOGY* I looked in my step-father's eyes for a brief second and he was enraged. He looked absolutely crazy, and his look expressed the desire to kill. In less than three seconds, I knew what my fate would be. I was going to die. Ariella Rayne grew up without a real father, and instead with a crazy step-father. One day when he goes too far, her mother makes her go live with her birth father in London. Her father, however, is also Harry Styles’s father. When she meets the boys, they don’t exactly like her. She’s weird and American and Harry is mad at her for something that she cannot control. When they truly get to know her, she falls for one of them. Can they heal her or will Ariella remain broken?
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Tell someone babe. It might take a lot of courage but if it helps protect you then it's worth it. Stay strong xx ✌️
Thank the lord! I told someone and now he is in jail! Finally I can live a normal life :)! ♡
if someone ever touches my hair..... they'd be lucky if I give them a head start
if your dad is abusing you, you have to do something and not take it despite the fear, you have to tell someone
OMF I love your username! Did you get it from the song 'Relentless Chaos' by Miss May I?
@IDontKnowANameK imagine brutal tits though...NO WAIT DON'T IMAGINE I REGRET THAT

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