Broken (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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    *FIRST BOOK IN THE "BROKEN" TRILOGY* I looked in my step-father's eyes for a brief second and he was enraged. He looked absolutely crazy, and his look expressed the desire to kill. In less than three seconds, I knew what my fate would be. I was going to die.
    Ariella Rayne grew up without a real father, and instead with a crazy step-father. One day when he goes too far, her mother makes her go live with her birth father in London. Her father, however, is also Harry Styles’s father. When she meets the boys, they don’t exactly like her. She’s weird and American and Harry is mad at her for something that she cannot control. When they truly get to know her, she falls for one of them. Can they heal her or will Ariella remain broken?
She's just like my cousin. "I bought you 8 skirts, 9shirts and 1 pair of jeans. Jk I didn't get you sht"
Get it bc Jeff the killer and Jane the killer from my pic? AhahahAHAHAHAHAHA
she is an abused wife but she doesn't leave him . this happens alot in real life. I've seen it before.
this really hurts when a parent reject their own child and ignore them
That's kind of rude. If you didn't like it you should keep it to yourself...
Its not like she wanted to be born that way, and I think she doesn't even want to be born at that time, you know?