The Mark of Thorn: Book of Scars (novel preview)

[Book One] – On a dark night in the shambles of a town, three men – strangers to one another – find themselves thrown together in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Gabriel, Diego and Hendrik make the most unlikely companions, but they must continue on together if they want to survive – until they meet another traveler, who sets them all upon a task that will change the course of all their lives forever. Based on several popular fairytales – as well as a few that are obscure – this dark fantasy builds a world full of horrors with a plot larger than the your average tale, spanning across the lives of more fairytale characters than you thought. You think you know the truth? Perhaps you don’t know it at all…
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Love this book!! Im on chapter 26 can't stop reading awesome story!! Looking forward to read the second part! <3
I'm guessing Gabriel is the prince from Rapunzel? Blinded and scarred from thorns?
I expected no less from you! =) I feel chills in my body -- probably in excitement for this new adventure yet to unfold. Voted and all!

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