[Sequel to College Life]
One year later and Jesse and Rayne are put to the test when both of them agree to do a reality television show. They both meet for the first time in so long and as expected, it's emotionally draining. Their summer is going to be a very exciting one, because they're joined by two other exes that will help them through their emotional rollercoaster. One Last Chance will be a show that is going to be remembered by many. Three ex couples are put into a beach house for one summer. The drama that awaits them will be their final decision. Will they stay together or will they remain as exes?
@Bluemuffincake the former is correct.. Jesse called Rayne's downstairs Godzilla!
 #everyone cuz no character from the mind of Giovanni storm can be boring 
 #Max, because I feel that he is moving something inside Jesse. IDEK 
*slaps myself in the face* ok do you know when the sequel will come out or what you are going to call it ???
Do u know wht u are going to call it so I can be on the look out?
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I finally reread Camp Crazy to find this PERMANATELY DISCONTINUED.
IM NOT HATIN, but I just hope Max gets the first boy he loves. I mean he went through two rapes and  Payne's beatings!
Ally though, I'm prepared for that girl