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[Sequel to College Life]
    One year later and Jesse and Rayne are put to the test when both of them agree to do a reality television show. They both meet for the first time in so long and as expected, it's emotionally draining. Their summer is going to be a very exciting one, because they're joined by two other exes that will help them through their emotional rollercoaster. One Last Chance will be a show that is going to be remembered by many. Three ex couples are put into a beach house for one summer. The drama that awaits them will be their final decision. Will they stay together or will they remain as exes?
yeah i'll be patient and please update me when the new book wil be finish and release :-) thanks
my heart is still breaking at the thought jesse has someone new. i want them to get back together. oh gosh im gonna die.
@Bluemuffincake the former is correct.. Jesse called Rayne's downstairs Godzilla!
 #everyone cuz no character from the mind of Giovanni storm can be boring 
 #Max, because I feel that he is moving something inside Jesse. IDEK 
*slaps myself in the face* ok do you know when the sequel will come out or what you are going to call it ???