Internet Rebel ❤

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_TheInternetRebel By _TheInternetRebel Updated 11 months ago
My name is Internet Rebel ❤
got this idea from the movie, so I decided to post this. 
this is for the people who want a voice.
so read(: I may inspire you.
that's the whole point isn't it?
ThexSecretxKeeper ThexSecretxKeeper 3 years ago
My biggest fear is..well, I'm afraid of one of my loved ones, whether it be a friend, a cousin, or whoever gets hurt. I am absolutely terrified of it. I freak out. I can't help it...
TracingLove TracingLove 3 years ago
The biggest thing I'm afraid about is change.
Because I never know the outcome,
And honestly, I don't think I want to go anywhere than where I'm at.
Because I like it here.
HelenCorbin HelenCorbin 3 years ago
I have fanned you and I am gonna put your first class story into my library.
JessicaPatten345 JessicaPatten345 3 years ago
i agree with officaljustinbieber keep writing your a true writer my dreams won't come true as i want to be a singer like justin bieber
backtomypast backtomypast 3 years ago
I love this!!!

\   I'm scared of... Snakes,people getting sick, panic attacks, and more! haha
Loveumorethanthis Loveumorethanthis 3 years ago
im afraid 1 people will think im wierd if i show my true colors 2 my crush will never truly know how i feel about him