Being Inlove With Your Bestfriend Sucks - Zourry Love Triangle

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_carrrot_dimples By _carrrot_dimples Updated 3 years ago
Harry loves Louis, Louis loves Zayn and Zayn loves Harry... This is one messed up love triangle. Will they be able to cope with their feelings for each other or will it all come crashing down?
melena118247 melena118247 2 years ago
omg LOOOOVVEEE this!!!! 
zayn and louis are friends with benifits
number4love number4love 3 years ago
this is so good I can't get enough! it's like a drug, I'M ADDICTED TO THISSSS
KimStyles14 KimStyles14 3 years ago
LOL your pic of this fic. Can you send me a link or something from the real pic? need to have that pic xD
Ppcorn100 Ppcorn100 3 years ago
That was kinda awk (cuz I never really think of the gay stuff) but I couldn't stop reading... wtf brain?
KicktheCJ KicktheCJ 3 years ago
So all in all, Louis is having sex with Zayn, but Zayn, as much as he does like Louis, loves Harry, and Harry loves Louis, but Louis sees Harry just as his best mate?

That is very confusing.
Ash_Barrett Ash_Barrett 3 years ago
this is so freakin AWESOME!!!!! i love the love triangle, its so believable *my heart is lterally about to stop*!!!!!!!!!! If u care about ur fans........PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!