I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend

Was Originally: My parents sold me, to my dead brother new best friend. My brother disappeared when I was eight, after a while we just assumed that he was dead. On my eighteenth birthday my life fell apart as my dead brother turned out to be not dead at all. What's worse was that my parents did something that I will not forgive. They sold me to his best friend who is supposed to be some kind of “prince”. They made the decision to ruin my life and payback is an understatement. Also it is being edited, but it takes time so just deal with it tell it gets fixed. dont like the dont read, go find something else to read or work on your own work so i can come bitch about to you.
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@CaoimheGrace hehe, it's cool.... I read things that other ppl like too that I don't really care much for myself... ;)
"I was sold to my dead brother's best friend"
Oh god. It sounds like some bad Maury episode title.
I've added this story to my library, I'm really looking forward to reading it!!! :)
The prologue seems great. I think I’ll be enjoying reading this up to the last part. :)
I just finished reading this book!! And it's one of the best vamp story evaa <<33
Is it available here in Philippines? I mean the book. I really want to buy it T^T please OTL

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