Revenge of the Goddess (Book 2 of Return of the Goddess)

Genna, the greek goddess of calm thoughts and waters, has to find the missing apple of discord and give it to Hera before Texas declares war of California and Florida. Jackson Casson thought he was an average sixteen year old boy from Florida but when a group of demigods show up he finds out their is more to him then what on his cover.
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But hey, I couldn't find it. Do you have a link or anything? Please reply as soon as you see this. Thanks!
I read the previous comments. Guess I'll have to stop reading this first and go read Youth of Olympus :)
Saw a few mistakes which totally confused me. Nonetheless, it was still a great chapter :)
This is an amazing book and I have read this book like 20 times because it is one of the best books on wattpad
Nice start. I'm just a bit lost on her mortal and immortal origins. Will definitely read the next chapters.
@nativeskatergirl2313 woah, you need to make that clearer. I thought that he healed her and then killed himself!

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