For the Love of Lacey

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ndgobl00 By ndgobl00 Updated a year ago
Lacey and Latham are twins that are just hoping to get a glimpse of the new guy moving into the haunted house on the hill. He's rumored to be related to the original owner who was thought to be a witch. Why is he so attracted to Lacey and why can he only come out at night, and who are the friends he has living with him? Can Turner compete with this guy, and will Deputy Dawg ever give Lacey a ticket for speeding? These answers and more can be found within the confines of this story. Enjoy!
EtherealCatalyst EtherealCatalyst 3 years ago
@ndgobl00 Haha you're welcome! I'm new to this website, but I'm all over the place with writing. And you know what? That's what editors are for! You could be a professional with a few years practice ;)
EtherealCatalyst EtherealCatalyst 3 years ago
Hmm I admittedly enjoyed it, but you have to watch your tense a bit. Kind of th subject-verb agreement. (on the second page) also, develop your characters a bit more. Over all, I am definitely interested in reading more!