The Secret Riddle - ON HOLD

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_IAmLeia By _IAmLeia Updated 3 years ago
Everyone knows the story of Tom Riddle, since it was first documented in 1991 by J K Rowling.
 What they don't know is the story of his twin sister, Tomasina Merope Riddle. And why would they? The Dark Lord went to great lengths to make sure that no one ever knew about her. He erased the memories of all those who knew her, making them forget they knew that she ever existed. He wiped her off the face of the Earth.
 But dear Tom wasn't as thorough as he might have been. You see, he forgot the one person who had managed to elude him for years, for fear of torture and death.
 I am Tomasina Merope Riddle.
 This is my story.
Mindpops Mindpops 3 years ago
The idea of the story caught me. It was really clever of you :)
beautifulatsunrise beautifulatsunrise 3 years ago
I've been reading HP fanfiction for years now and I'm quite sad to say that the quality of HP fanfiction yet doesn't quite match up to other sites but yours is better than a lot out there. Apart from a few punctuation errors, I like the plot :)
HeckYeahItsRia HeckYeahItsRia 3 years ago
IT'S SO GOOD! I long for another Harry Potter book ever since The Deathly Hallows and it's such a relief to find a great story and be back to the wizarding world. I am looking forward to more chapters. Keep it up! xoxo
dharalovesyou dharalovesyou 3 years ago
I just read this again and well peed a little. I'M SOO EXCITED FOR IT!  I hope you use my character(:
BenderOfWaterx3 BenderOfWaterx3 3 years ago
@HomeInMyHeart I want that you continue this... this is awesome...... UPLOAD SOON,please?
dharalovesyou dharalovesyou 3 years ago
OMG! Do you understand how much I am dying to read this?! It is brilliant, seriously. Excellent preview, and the summary, well that got me :D