Art Project [BoyxBoy]

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Kris Sullivan's always been gay. In a small town full of homophobic citizens everything could go wrong especially when you're the only one. Kris didn't think his life could get any worse until the art teacher pairs him up with the star quarter back, his enemy, Tyler Case. His life takes a U-turn for the best... or for the worst? Well, he's still trying to figure that out, along with why he's getting butterflies around Tyler. What could go wrong? But more importantly, what could go right?


This is horribly written and needs edited asap but I'm busy/lazy. SORRY.
i applaud the pre-pubescent mind who obviously thought this was the best thing that could realistically happen. Brava.  *claps whimsically*
But what about the gummy panda part? Gummy panda sounds awesome
Maybe...if they...breathed with their mouths open all the time! Haha, totally makes sense now! XD
Hehe.Their mouth just fell on each other hilarious!Like this first chapter very much in fact.
That's so over exaggerated bs. That would never happen lol. How does your tongue fall onto someone else's.
Idk I usually don't like boy and boys like this but this one I do!!