Only Through the Pain (GirlxGirl)

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MentalDistortion By MentalDistortion Updated 3 years ago
Only through pain can we find happiness.
2dark2c 2dark2c 2 years ago
Excellent introduction to the character; I love how clear her voice comes through, so sad.
polkaLALA728 polkaLALA728 3 years ago
Great! I really found this interesting. :) There were no grammatical errors, whatsoever. It was nice. :>
PassionInWriting PassionInWriting 3 years ago
;___; That's too sad. Yet it happens to so many people. Anyway, great detail and writing. I enjoyed this alot. I'm excited to see more developments(: I'm worried that the women might go crazy but maybe not! Update soon!
Prisim Prisim 3 years ago
Man that is one emotional opening! I really have nothing else to say, very sad!
HerosNeverDie HerosNeverDie 3 years ago
wow this seriously made my cry, I feel bad for her. Her partner is UUUGH I want to punch Shelly in the face!
HoneybeeS HoneybeeS 3 years ago
Wow, a lot of emotions mixed into one, this was a good chapter