The Mockingjay's Daughter : A Hunger Games Fan-Fiction *Under extensive editing*

Welcome to 3264 it has been over twenty years since the rebellion. Now Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Johanna all have children. Gale and Johanna have children together, yet they are not legally married and now they are in their forty' s with two adult daughters. Katniss Fire (Kat) was their first born and was born barely a year after Finnick Odair's son, Fletcher, was born.(3243; 3242) Their second daughter, Annie Rose was born two years later. (3245) This story is currently under editing and could be slightly changed. The sequel to this book will not be written until this story is completely edited. Katniss and Peeta are married and have one boy, Cato, and one girl, Lavina (3250; 3249) Now that all of their children are in their teens the five adults have decided to tell their children what they went through during their teen years. But when Katniss's Daughter Lavinia finds about how It is because of her own mothers' vote that she must now watch the capitol go through the kind of pain that her family went through she just cant take it. This story shows you just how far these young adults will go to completely end the hunger games forever. Note : Little Katniss = Kat Fletcher : 21 Kat : 20 Annie Rose :19 Lavinia : 15 Cato : 14 Katniss : 39 Peeta : 39 Gale : 40 Johanna : 43 Haymitch : 65 Annie : 45
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Srry but this sucks why would someone want there favorite characters like johanna or peeta to be in there 40s
@MeggieMooMoo that's what I always thought and hoped she would end up with Gale....  although I didn't get to read all the books lol
You called Cato cinna in one of the chapters. I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be cinna? Thanks! :)))
Also, you need to check the grammar, you don't need speech marks every time you start a new sentence when someone is speaking.

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