Thickness THUG love story

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Tia Tolliver By Tia Tolliver Completed
21 year old Eboney had a really hard life and she scared to get hurt again by these Males out here in Cali intill she finds the one...When she founds the one her life turns backwards... Click the read button to find out what happens...

© 2013  by Tia_Tolliver
Not my picture, Found it off if Google images. My story this is mine idea please don't steal or try to make a new version out of it thanks :)
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That's stupid when yo child tells you her daddy raped her chances are she's telling the truth
I Knew It Was Old But Hell I Needed To Get That Off My Chest
that's .... messed up I hate it when women pick men over their children !
Love your book and people who judge how you write are DICK HEADS
@HoopsterGurls1992 why don't u just leave the damn girl alone
@TiaTolliver pleaae use " " so it can help with what is being said but great book