Life Of A Teenage Girl (Watty Awards 2012)

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_novelsfreak By _novelsfreak Updated 11 months ago
Mystery Mystery Mystery ...
What ever situations cross Stacey's path seems to hold some mystery in it.
Loads of questions to be answered, why did he suddenly remember her? after years of longing an heartache. what about the other, what secrets is he holding? or the third, constantly trying to ruin her life. Confusion, heartache and depression.
Difference is Stacey isn't your typical week girl, she is strong and she can stand up for her self and she won't take crab from anyone.
Yet, what happens when she makes the biggest mistake a teenager can do?
Naah she didn't get pregnant. Want to find out?

Follow Stacey as she seeks answers in a journey full of love, hate, distress and possibly tragedy ..


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gorgeous_anon gorgeous_anon 2 years ago
Good idea about making an Author's Note on one whole page. Some people don't really read Authors' Notes but you made them read your's. Pretty smart. xD
Batwomen Batwomen 2 years ago
I really appreciate you telling us reading readers because it's a nice thing to know :) I like how you open up to us!
BLUEberryBIRD BLUEberryBIRD 2 years ago
wow, you have so many people you've dedicated this story:) They must be honored:)
angellover254 angellover254 2 years ago
Lol, you're right! Editing your story while writing the story is horrible!! xD Been there done that, haha :)
AmberBrown1023937 AmberBrown1023937 3 years ago
I understand. And I don't mean to sound like a hater because that is not what I'm doing at all. And I was distracted because I thought "Oooo, a story." And then I got this note. That is all I wanted to say.
AmberBrown1023937 AmberBrown1023937 3 years ago
Okay? The only thing is. The author doesn't typically have a whole page talking about the woes of an author's not, which is a little distract, itself. I'm not saying that I don't agree with you though. I just find it hypocritical is all.