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Blood Wolf

Blood Wolf

27 parts / 95 pages, updated Jan 17, 2014Completed
**Mature Content: violence/sex/language** Book 1 of the Wolf Series 19 year old Dallas has secrets, many, many secrets but the biggest one of them all may just be her most p... read more
4,736,018 reads votes 103,149 comments 11,603
Red Blooded

Red Blooded

30 parts / 193 pages, updated Sep 09, 2013
It was supposed to be easy. Life was supposed to easy. But it wasn't. Em Reynolds learnt that the hard way. Nine years after being rejected,defeated and humiliated, Em thinks ... read more
2,471,237 reads votes 53,279 comments 5,714
Royal Blood & One Commitment

Royal Blood & One Commitment

52 parts / 184 pages, updated Aug 28, 2011Completed
Princess Isabella and Prince Connor. They would be together out of commitment to their thrones and country. Isabella would give anything up to please her fat... read more
6,967,974 reads votes 83,235 comments 7,045
Painful Rejection  - Fate in Blood Trilogy: Book One

Painful Rejection - Fate in Blood Trilogy: Book One

50 parts / 140 pages, updated Aug 16, 2012
Who knew a simple rejection to ignite the flames of a potential war? Harmony Kensworth certainly didn't. Especially since she had always b... read more
3,438,210 reads votes 47,741 comments 4,178
Pure Blood (UNEDITED)

Pure Blood (UNEDITED)

36 parts / 243 pages, updated May 06, 2012PicturesCompleted
Growing up alone in the forest Snow is faced with constant attacks from male wolves. She doesn't trust them until she stumbles onto Hunter. The Alpha's son and future A... read more
2,837,357 reads votes 35,373 comments 2,001
Blood Shades

Blood Shades

38 parts / 124 pages, updated Feb 13, 2013PicturesCompleted
Leera wasn't one to be messed with. She's feisty, sarcastic, holds a short temper and has a 'take no prisoners' attitude. Not only that but she has suffered an awful past wit... read more
508,296 reads votes 12,247 comments 873
Blood Bound [Book Two, Lady and the Wolf Series]

Blood Bound [Book Two, Lady and the Wolf Series]

13 parts / 37 pages, updated May 28, 2015VideoPictures
Van Volkov was cold, angry and looking forward to the day he would finally be rid of his duties… that is, until Aira Blight entered his life... read more
327,770 reads votes 20,811 comments 2,584
Entwined Destiny - Blood Moon | 1 [WILL BE REMOVED SOON FOR PUBLICATION]

Entwined Destiny - Blood Moon | 1 [WILL BE REMOVED SOON FOR PUBLICATION]

31 parts / 169 pages, updated May 03, 2015VideoCompleted
Ⓑ ⓞ ⓞ ⓚ ➊ — ☪ — Candice Wright, a seventeen-year-old hybrid, has everything: parents w... read more
1,133,917 reads votes 14,751 comments 852
Blood Moon

Blood Moon

45 parts / 144 pages, updated Oct 25, 2012Pictures
Having to grow up with three loving, annoying, and overprotective brothers, Leah Jacobs had never questioned their views about how cruel the outside world can be. But one day, af... read more
508,797 reads votes 5,589 comments 551
Blood Wolf (rated r)

Blood Wolf (rated r)

38 parts / 42 pages, updated Jun 08, 2015Pictures
Ameia (A-mia) Fede Delmonte is a 17 year old girl who has attitude, is defiant, and a temper when provocked. She listens to no one and only cares about herself due to ... read more
325,318 reads votes 5,964 comments 335


20 parts / 86 pages, updated Jun 27, 2015
Sebelum ayahku kembali pergi ke Alaska, ia dan para rekannya memberiku seekor anjing ras Alaskan Malamute yang kuberi nama Diego yang akan menemaniku agar tidak merasa kesepian s... read more
137,740 reads votes 7,812 comments 530
Rising of The Blood Moon (GirlxGirl)(Sequel of The Master's Pet)

Rising of The Blood Moon (GirlxGirl)(Sequel of The Master's Pet)

42 parts / 131 pages, updated Feb 20, 2014Completed
Hatspehut and Saryia have been married for four years now. To Hatspehut, life couldn't be better. She has a house, her loving, hot mate, a... read more
443,978 reads votes 10,293 comments 799
Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate

34 parts / 76 pages, updated Jan 06, 2014Completed
Leila's life was turned upside down the day her parents were killed. Letting her rebel side out is the only way to survive the pain she feels. All she's ever wanted is... read more
92,482 reads votes 2,818 comments 166
Blood Moon

Blood Moon

23 parts / 32 pages, updated Nov 21, 2011PicturesCompleted
What would happen if Edward never came back, Bella never jumped off the cliff, and Jacob and Bella fell in love. Well this story tells about my idea of what would come next afte... read more
182,721 reads votes 2,424 comments 468
Beta Blood

Beta Blood

7 parts / 13 pages, updated Mar 13, 2014Pictures
Tyler rejected his mate. He thought she'd stay, beg him to take her in his arms, but instead his mate, Delilah turned around the moment he had uttered the words of rejection. ... read more
90,998 reads votes 3,225 comments 336
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