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Werewolf fiction concerns itself primarily with the subject of werewolves or other human/beast forms from folklore and monster myths. Werewolf fiction often focuses on lycanthropy - the supernatural transformation of a human into a wolf - and its repercussions, but may also include associated drama within the hierarchy of the pack and the struggle for the protagonist to repress primal impulses and bestial urges.

Expect the Un-expected

Expect the Un-expected

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 15, 2014PG-13
This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Maliya and her siblings expecting to finding there mates, but not expecting to find their dad and discovering a horrible family secret.
2,261 reads votes 22 comments 9
Changing (Shifting Series)

Changing (Shifting Series)

12 parts / 16 pages, updated Jul 31, 2014PG
Some say it was a terrorist attack, others say it was a failed goverment experiment that got out, but most don't care. They just focas on one thing: not getting ... read more
929 reads votes 38 comments 6


8 parts / 14 pages, updated Jul 22, 2014
"Alec...." "Yeah?" "For once in my life since I became the first female alpha.......I'm scared," "Why are you scared? You have me here to prote... read more
682 reads votes 20 comments 2


8 parts / 17 pages, updated Jul 19, 2014PGPictures
In year 2040 wolves are now recorded as an extinct species. With scientists working their hardest to resurrect the species through a DNA cloning process, they have no time for se... read more
759 reads votes 36 comments 28
The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter

7 parts / 15 pages, updated Jul 06, 2014PG-13
Lilliana is the alpha's daughter. Her mate will be the next alpha. Zach is the new young alpha of his pack. He comes to Lilliana's pack to learn about running packs... read more
818 reads votes 19 comments 1
The Elemental Wolf

The Elemental Wolf

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 27, 2014
The elemental wolves have been considered extinct for decades. What happens when the last Elemental werewolf shows up in a small town and joins the local pack as the lowest member. Skyla must protect her secret from even her dearest friends.
992 reads votes 27 comments 4


21 parts / 51 pages, updated Jul 20, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
Mama ei moare intr-un accident de masina,ea isi pierde vocea iar tatal ei o abandoneaza.Dar daca viata ei nu e ceea ce pare a fi?.
14,399 reads votes 529 comments 45


28 parts / 31 pages, updated Feb 18, 2014
•Some Adult Content• They call me Outcast. Don't ask me who they are; I've never known. The scientists who've poked and prodded me with endless cycles... read more
13,266 reads votes 557 comments 30
The Badass Mate

The Badass Mate

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Dec 22, 2011PG-13
Ash is a young werewolf who is about to reach her sixteenth birthday. At school she is seen as the prankster, the badass, and the girl nobody wants to mess with. She never ... read more
8,175 reads votes 163 comments 35
Night of Wolves (Werewolf Academy)

Night of Wolves (Werewolf Academy)

5 pages, updated Feb 18, 2014G
Evangeline Bowmen: I was kidnapped. Check. I put up one hell of a fight. Check. I was taken to Night Academy. Check. I hate my life. Check. "My ma... read more
365 reads votes 4 comments 0
Artemis argent & Derek hale

Artemis argent & Derek hale

5 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 01, 2013PG-13
hi i am artemis i am a werewolf did i mention i am a argent! this is my story WARNING: PG-13 ALSO I DO NOT OWN ANY TEEN WOLF PEOPLE EXCEPT FOR ARTEMIS!!
4,115 reads votes 54 comments 20
Trying To Fix A Broken Mind

Trying To Fix A Broken Mind

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 01, 2012PG-13
Lavender Scott, is a werewolf. Not just any werewolf, but she is a patient at the mental institution. She has been ever since she turned 10, and is still there... read more
4,333 reads votes 109 comments 36
pregnant with his child no turning back

pregnant with his child no turning back

7 parts / 5 pages, updated Jun 18, 2013PG-13
Raven was the nerd of the pack and only had one friend which is her complete opposite.she was alone , that was until she found her mate , the alpha... read more
17,430 reads votes 240 comments 18
(Derek Hale & Jackson Whittemore Love Story)  Gravity of Love

(Derek Hale & Jackson Whittemore Love Story) Gravity of Love

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jun 17, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
Aaliyah H. McCall was that one girl everyone in school liked she was a bad-ass , smart, athletic , beautiful , and talented. ... read more
3,792 reads votes 29 comments 7
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