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Vampire fiction concerns itself primarily with the subject of vampires who feed on living creatures in order to survive. While vampires were traditionally horrific and villainous, modern interpretations often reimagine the fanged bloodsuckers as more nuanced and complex entities. Vampire fiction usually deals with the human protagonist’s encounter with a vampire, their romantic relationship with a vampire, or his or her transformation into a vampire themselves. Other conflicts may include vampire-hunting or drama within the vampire coven.

Nightmares or Visions?

Nightmares or Visions?

41 parts / 64 pages, updated Aug 02, 2012Pictures
Susie was just your average everyday girl when she first started having night terrors....but what will happen if those dreams start coming true and people around her start dying?!
74,456 reads votes 450 comments 203
Julianna's Nights  (Not finished)

Julianna's Nights (Not finished)

11 parts / 13 pages, updated Jan 28, 2013
Why is it that when you think life is bad, it always get worst? Is it true that after the rain the sun shines? Or are we doomed to eternal sadness? Happy ... read more
14,621 reads votes 86 comments 19
The Vampire Assassin Friend BoyxBoy

The Vampire Assassin Friend BoyxBoy

5 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 06, 2014
Skyler and Tyler are best friends since they were little kids. That is until Tyler bites Skylar truing him into a vampire the he he finds out he's and... read more
3,007 reads votes 45 comments 11
I Give You Permission To Reach Out And Touch Me.(Completed,editing).

I Give You Permission To Reach Out And Touch Me.(Completed,editing).

24 parts / 73 pages, updated Apr 02, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
When one lives and have everything but will one go to measures just to be together? Her name is Exploria, she lived for the past 600... read more
21,865 reads votes 447 comments 179
Night Class

Night Class

16 parts / 56 pages, updated Nov 01, 2013
We are all normal, yet, we want to be more than that. We want to have adventure, excitement, a thrilling love life — we want anything — everything — instead of being a normal... read more
6,512 reads votes 129 comments 42
The Immortal Kings Missing Bride

The Immortal Kings Missing Bride

9 parts / 50 pages, updated Jan 23, 2013
The continuing story of the Immortal King Dale and his human bride Brea. Will the happy pair live the perfect life or will something or someone rip them ap... read more
4,553 reads votes 92 comments 30
They Come in the Night

They Come in the Night

32 parts / 84 pages, updated May 19, 2015
“Go to hell.” I spit as I land my knee into his gut. His grip releases though he doesn’t move off of me. He regains his bearings quickly and pins my wrists to the ... read more
5,172 reads votes 161 comments 59
The Vampire Square

The Vampire Square

28 parts / 88 pages, updated Aug 28, 2014Pictures
Two best friends find love when they least expect it. But what happens when fate is against their loves and the forces of vampirism and nature are fighting against them... read more
5,239 reads votes 219 comments 151
Being Kat

Being Kat

22 parts / 35 pages, updated Jan 30, 2015Pictures
6,686 reads votes 185 comments 50
All He Ever Lusted (Completed) [BEING REWRITTEN]

All He Ever Lusted (Completed) [BEING REWRITTEN]

43 parts / 99 pages, updated Mar 15, 2015Pictures
❝ I love you. Remember that. No one can ever take that away from us, Stacey Miller. ❞ Alistar manipulated and cheated. Stacey obeyed every rul... read more
55,305 reads votes 1,637 comments 461
Love Bond_I thought He Was Dead, When He Was Just Beside Me All Along....

Love Bond_I thought He Was Dead, When He Was Just Beside Me All Along....

14 parts / 43 pages, updated Jul 07, 2014
(Rozelle Elwood ; I just can't believe that my life change with just a single hit. He was the most gorgeous guy I ever set my eyes on. I wo... read more
10,189 reads votes 187 comments 94


35 parts / 104 pages, updated Dec 24, 2013
What do you do when a group of your brother's vampire friends kidnap you? For Melody Collins this group of eccentric vampires are her only protection from the world of confusion ... read more
17,699 reads votes 347 comments 57
Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

24 parts / 59 pages, updated May 05, 2015
How many things do you think can go wrong when you're the queen of all vampires and the mate you searched for 2 millennia hold you responsible of his mother's death ... read more
21,516 reads votes 358 comments 132
Bite the Stake

Bite the Stake

13 parts / 38 pages, updated Nov 27, 2011Video
Jesse is a 15 year old girl who lives with her big brother, Nathan, 19, after her mother and father had a fight 8 years ago. Her mother packed her stuff and took all the mone... read more
8,673 reads votes 148 comments 138
What Did I Get Myself Into?

What Did I Get Myself Into?

18 parts / 52 pages, updated Mar 23, 2012
Dayvoco didn't know if he could continue in his family's footsteps. Being a vicious killers and playing their cruel jokes. With his leader Mathias keeping an eye ... read more
11,339 reads votes 192 comments 63
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