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Vampire fiction concerns itself primarily with the subject of vampires who feed on living creatures in order to survive. While vampires were traditionally horrific and villainous, modern interpretations often reimagine the fanged bloodsuckers as more nuanced and complex entities. Vampire fiction usually deals with the human protagonist’s encounter with a vampire, their romantic relationship with a vampire, or his or her transformation into a vampire themselves. Other conflicts may include vampire-hunting or drama within the vampire coven.



4 parts / 3 pages, updated Sep 15, 2014
After a childhood of lessons, Tutors and a father who almost never talks to them. Two sisters meet a strange man who shows them a new way of life. Only time will tell what thes... read more
126 reads votes 2 comments 2
Remember me?- a  luke hemmings fanfiction

Remember me?- a luke hemmings fanfiction

34 parts / 40 pages, updated Sep 19, 2014
It is now the Year 2045 and vampires have taken over the country. King Luke hemmings and his 3 chosen ones have a ball every year to auction off g... read more
10,477 reads votes 174 comments 77
Scary Tears

Scary Tears

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Sep 02, 2014
192 reads votes 5 comments 6


4 parts / 7 pages, updated Jul 08, 2014PG-13
Percy couldn't take much of the dreams that haunted her in the day, as much as it does in the night. It itched her head and formed illusions in her eyes, and she couldn't esca... read more
131 reads votes 14 comments 0
The Vampire and the Angel

The Vampire and the Angel

1 page, updated Nov 04, 2013Completed
How is a soul redeemed? This story is © Genome Loki. All rights reserved.
393 reads votes 14 comments 8


10 parts / 33 pages, updated Jul 04, 2014
There's a new family in forks the small town where many supernatural secrets lye and this family has some secrets of their own. One may even fall in love with one of these supernatural beasts
991 reads votes 24 comments 5
Every girl needs there prince (Kol mikaelson love story)

Every girl needs there prince (Kol mikaelson love story)

13 parts / 21 pages, updated Aug 10, 2014PG-13
Kol Mikaeson strikes again. This time he finds himself falling in love with Annie Bloom someone hes meet before over 1000 years ago, but shes different, and he just loves that.
726 reads votes 28 comments 0
Expect the UNexspected

Expect the UNexspected

9 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 15, 2014G
This book is a unexpected twist with scuba and vampires and time travelers and people who eyes can change. Comment please. In-toxic Gemini out
219 reads votes 20 comments 4
Kayla,Sierra and Samantha's Story ( Pt.2 To Renesmee and Jacob's LOVE STORY )

Kayla,Sierra and Samantha's Story ( Pt.2 To Renesmee and Jacob's LOVE STORY )

13 parts / 30 pages, updated Sep 11, 2014Completed
The triplets go to school, and see a guy. He isn't normal. And then, The guy turns out to be something. Macy comes back and somethiing happens and then something else happens. Sierra and the guy fall in love and-- Too be continued. ; ]
494 reads votes 20 comments 12
Fallen For The Bad Guy

Fallen For The Bad Guy

17 parts / 19 pages, updated Jul 27, 2014
Bonnie Bennett is a witch and she moves to live with her grandmother in Forks, Washington to start over. And there is where she meets Edward Cullen and his vampire ... read more
1,959 reads votes 47 comments 5
The Gilbert witch

The Gilbert witch

1 page, updated Aug 10, 2013PGVideo
This story is about Elena's ancsestor Andrea Gilbert the very 1st orignal read to find out her secrets to the very orignal witch.
312 reads votes 6 comments 1
Secrets To Die For

Secrets To Die For

10 parts / 23 pages, updated Jan 13, 2013PG-13
Aurelia is very unique, and different, but will it be enough to save everyone she cares about when the time comes? A story of love, drama, heartbreak, and mystery just waiting to be read
312 reads votes 11 comments 14
The Lost Princess{On Hold}

The Lost Princess{On Hold}

7 parts / 5 pages, updated May 28, 2014Pictures
Hi my name is Logan, I know it's a boys name but hey we can't always choose our names. I'm 17 and human. Well I used to be , how about I tell you my story. It started about 2 years ago
530 reads votes 6 comments 0
Love Laced with Venom

Love Laced with Venom

2 parts / 5 pages, updated Aug 05, 2013PG-13
She moved slowly and seductively. She intrigued me like no one else could. The texture of her lips as she left her mark on my neck fulfilled my wildest dreams. Forge... read more
92 reads votes 7 comments 3
vampire story( MB love story)

vampire story( MB love story)

4 parts / 1 page, updated May 11, 2014PG
363 reads votes 8 comments 1
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