Ek Anjaana Anjaani ki Kahaani

Ek Anjaana Anjaani ki Kahaani

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 12, 2015
Ek Anjaana aur ek Anjaani kaise saath rahe te hai bina ek doosre ko jaane bhagair. Kisi ko nahi pata......unko bhi nahi. Sana Khan a simple girl who wants t... read more
669 reads votes 47 comments 20
Miles Through Her Eyes (A The Hobbit fan-fiction) (On Hold)

Miles Through Her Eyes (A The Hobbit fan-fiction) (On Hold)

21 parts / 24 pages, updated Feb 25, 2015
A Fanfiction on The Hobbit through the eyes of my character, Ariah (ON HOLD)
1,192 reads votes 119 comments 16
Just You and Me

Just You and Me

5 parts / 16 pages, updated Mar 10, 2015
Fanfiction Clace. Ora Jace e Clary sono andati a vivere insieme in una casa tutta loro,anche se non si sono sposati.Jace é cambiato, é più attento ai particolari,e non h... read more
1,487 reads votes 52 comments 16


12 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 29, 2015
Lola and her best friend Kat live in Chicago and are both Juniors in High School. Their school tour to Europe have to squeeze in another school from Wisconsin. They both meet two... read more
1,470 reads votes 100 comments 19
Brothers - Riker/RossLynch

Brothers - Riker/RossLynch

18 parts / 63 pages, updated Apr 10, 2015Pictures
Riker Lynch And Ross Lynch story R5 - Based on Dean Brody song brothers. Riker Lynch - 23 years old. Army Solider. Oldest brother of the Lynch Family. Ross L... read more
7,934 reads votes 221 comments 229
Being The Little Sister Of The Maze Runner Cast

Being The Little Sister Of The Maze Runner Cast

11 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 05, 2015Pictures
Georgia McCann is a 12 year old girl who is known for being a singer, hip hop dancer and a young actress. She is just getting used to he... read more
4,146 reads votes 136 comments 94
Best Friends Brother

Best Friends Brother

17 parts / 22 pages, updated Apr 30, 2015
Delilah and Cameron have been best friends for a while now but haven't truly met. What happens when she is invited by Cameron to come visit her for a Vine meet up? W... read more
8,401 reads votes 187 comments 31
The Big Eight: A Spy Mission: Jelsa Fanfic

The Big Eight: A Spy Mission: Jelsa Fanfic

19 parts / 17 pages, updated Apr 27, 2015Completed
Elsa is queen of Arendelle. One day, she has a ball and meets Jack Frost whom she thinks is quiet... Well... Cute. After a long and fun conversat... read more
5,970 reads votes 162 comments 17
A Night At Adam's (Explicit)

A Night At Adam's (Explicit)

11 parts / 26 pages, updated May 02, 2015
Adam breaks up with Sauli, and calls Tommy over to his gorgeous penthouse. Find out what happens as their relationship stems out and grows stronger.
1,142 reads votes 71 comments 22
Through Blood, Sweat, & Tears (TICCIMASK)

Through Blood, Sweat, & Tears (TICCIMASK)

24 parts / 11 pages, updated Mar 16, 2015VideoCompleted
Jimmi's death was grim. Brian's death was depressing Jeff's death was honorable Timothy and Toby's love is UNDENIABLY strong. Tim and Toby are p... read more
3,727 reads votes 240 comments 42
Mano vilkas (lietuviška)

Mano vilkas (lietuviška)

15 parts / 24 pages, updated May 03, 2015Pictures
Dylan Saimon. Miestelio pagrindinis pareigūno sūnus. Jis paskutinius metus mokosi mokykloje. Per daug smalsus vaikinas. Kas bus kai jis per daug sužinos visk... read more
1,053 reads votes 114 comments 11
20 Facts Challenge!

20 Facts Challenge!

10 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 10, 2015PicturesCompleted
Why did I do dis?! I was nominated by @Nikki-chann Along with some other people I'm not really interesting so... WAHH!! Anyways.. Enjoy! LOOL, When I was first nomin... read more
945 reads votes 98 comments 71
Be my next victim                    Essere la mia Prossima Vittima

Be my next victim Essere la mia Prossima Vittima

6 parts / 22 pages, updated Mar 16, 2015Pictures
Oce ego,slavery and love make one story... A story about a prey and a predator.but,what could possibly happen when the predator himself, ... read more
2,221 reads votes 53 comments 54
~Never Wanna Let You Go~Danisnotonfire Imagine~(1)

~Never Wanna Let You Go~Danisnotonfire Imagine~(1)

14 parts / 9 pages, updated Feb 11, 2015Completed
Daniel Howell is your crush, He's been by your side since you transferred in 6th Grade and you've been best friends ever since B... read more
2,584 reads votes 119 comments 5
Bad II:Butterfly Effect

Bad II:Butterfly Effect

32 parts / 39 pages, updated Apr 11, 2015
The Butterfly Effect : A theory which says that even the smallest things can cause a chain reaction that ends in disaster.
5,233 reads votes 284 comments 35
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