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Teen Fiction traces the ins, outs, ups and downs of growing up through the emotional, physical, and social experiences of a teenaged or young adult protagonist with which readers identify. Teen Fiction often takes place within a high school setting and may serve as a “coming-of-age” story, documenting the awkwardness of adolescence and the challenge of coping with difficult social issues.

The Cell Phone Swap

The Cell Phone Swap

38 parts / 173 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school’s star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy... read more
50,430,284 reads votes 698,561 comments 286,164
Must Hate The PLAYBOY!

Must Hate The PLAYBOY!

28 parts / 98 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015PG-13Video
SEQUEL TO THE STORY "MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" After all the LOVE. After all the LIES. What would you do when your EX comes back? What could be Victoria Peige’s decision? Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?
19,943,418 reads votes 280,986 comments 150,794
The Presidents Daughter

The Presidents Daughter

52 parts / 177 pages, updated Jan 19, 2015PG-13Video
"Watch where you’re going nerd!" Someone said knocking me down, while sending my books flying. I let out a sigh as I crouched down, collecting my books ... read more
19,381,770 reads votes 362,264 comments 151,267
Childhood Sweethearts.

Childhood Sweethearts.

23 parts / 93 pages, updated Jan 23, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
He stared arrogantly down at me, a smirk plastered across his face. I sneered up at him with distaste, wanting to wrap my fingers around his neck and strangle that s... read more
12,928,979 reads votes 173,148 comments 76,720
Just My Type

Just My Type

30 parts / 147 pages, updated Jan 20, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
"Never Fall for a Bad Boy." That's what Olivia has always been told. So why did she go and do it anyway? And why did he have to be the best friend of her Best Frien... read more
4,371,851 reads votes 73,704 comments 15,264
Cupcake Kisses

Cupcake Kisses

13 parts / 49 pages, updated Jan 16, 2015PG-13Video
They were never supposed to fall in love. In fact, they were probably never even supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it brings you someone who unexpectedly tur... read more
1,747,158 reads votes 55,389 comments 29,533
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

24 parts / 126 pages, updated Jan 24, 2015PG-13
Being secretly in love with the most popular boy is a common occurrence for a lot of teenage girls. For Kylie Hood, the most unnoticeable girl at Woods... read more
1,522,457 reads votes 41,280 comments 13,292
My Stolen First Kiss

My Stolen First Kiss

17 parts / 61 pages, updated Jan 10, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
When Jade Rochelle was ten years old, her first kiss was stolen by Jared Felton. Six years later Jade has still not forgiven him, although she doesn't really have to... read more
9,114,979 reads votes 185,267 comments 81,738


17 parts / 38 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13Pictures
{SEQUEL OF POST IT} - The day's been endless, but it's almost over. I know she's out there, I know she's on her way to me. I know we are getting closer and I've been waiting... read more
134,911 reads votes 11,034 comments 1,692
Unbreak My Heart  (ManxMan)

Unbreak My Heart (ManxMan)

10 parts / 34 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13Pictures
**************************SPOILER ALERT******************************* DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BREAKING FINN, IT WILL RUIN THE ENDING!! Don't eve... read more
88,771 reads votes 4,842 comments 1,217
The Boy who Broke the Rules

The Boy who Broke the Rules

11 parts / 11 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13
He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her. Entranced by his voice and intensit... read more
95,457 reads votes 5,313 comments 2,017


19 parts / 79 pages, updated Jan 18, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was completely by accident, but nobody believes her when she says it. Instead of ... read more
8,104,888 reads votes 155,410 comments 43,009
Battle of the Captains

Battle of the Captains

30 parts / 93 pages, updated Jan 18, 2015PG-13
It started out as a game. She's everything a girl wants to be. He's everything a girl wants. As head cheerleader and quarterback, Kody Taylor and Austin Collins w... read more
4,882,844 reads votes 120,855 comments 31,834
Whoa Baby

Whoa Baby

27 parts / 125 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
Paisley Devoncourt is your typical sweetheart of the family that every parent is proud of. Smart, caring, responsible, and reliable. With her life set and planned she doesn't e... read more
964,965 reads votes 25,742 comments 6,084
Hollywood's Princess

Hollywood's Princess

29 parts / 84 pages, updated Jan 16, 2015PG-13Video
"Every princess needs a prince charming." "Or a knight in shining armor." Sophia Heart Valentine makes all her fans scream by the mere mention... read more
6,702,951 reads votes 126,554 comments 50,743
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