Short Stories

Short stories are works of brief narrative prose, which usually focus on a limited number of characters and a single, decisive plot incident. Significantly shorter and more compact than novels, short stories leave the reader with a snapshot or slice of life.

L a c y  L e a t h e r s

L a c y L e a t h e r s

11 parts / 26 pages, updated Mar 17, 2015Completed
She has skin like porcelain. He is a shade like bronze. But when all their differences are put to the side... The Brown Boy and The White Girl indulge in the sparks between them. © 2014 All rights reserved | Short-Story #3 |
181,852 reads votes 8,712 comments 2,647
The Sour Patch Thief

The Sour Patch Thief

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 28, 2015
Charlotte Edmund isn't all that popular, she doesn't dislike that many people but one person she does is Alan Peters. He is the schools popular and hottest boy and t... read more
7,807 reads votes 324 comments 80


107 parts / 12 pages, updated Mar 29, 2015Video
nora's obsessed with jane, matt with video games, gary with books and holy with drugs. © 2015 huttriver [lowercase intended] cover by don (oxforder)
19,890 reads votes 2,542 comments 331


17 parts / 6 pages, updated Mar 22, 2015PicturesCompleted
As I'm being bullied in 'St.Josephs' I ask my parents if we could move house. Not a yes or no comes out of their mouth, to say the words was hard. After more days of bullying, my g... read more
964 reads votes 393 comments 17
Tales From Otherside

Tales From Otherside

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 27, 2015
3,452 reads votes 195 comments 31
Short stories

Short stories

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 30, 2015
I read somewhere that if a writer wants to improve, he or she has to write short stories daily. It's said that short stories improve the writing style, naration and vocabul... read more
147 reads votes 76 comments 64
Carter Brothers: One Shots

Carter Brothers: One Shots

3 parts / 9 pages, updated Mar 05, 2015
For those unwilling to let the Carters go, this is future/past/present one-shot chapters of the characters from all 4 books.
41,007 reads votes 1,086 comments 115
Heartache On A Big Screen

Heartache On A Big Screen

34 parts / 18 pages, updated Mar 22, 2015Completed
For two teenagers, history class turns out to be the start of a friendship based off of insults, popcorn, crushing on Ian Somerhalder for her and crushing on Ca... read more
41,630 reads votes 3,587 comments 931


47 parts / 5 pages, updated Jan 10, 2015Completed
story #1 in the 'for the flawed' series. she just wanted to be skinny for him; she wanted to be the kind of girlfriend he'd be proud to have, even if he couldn't see her. he jus... read more
143,573 reads votes 10,375 comments 326
Chasing Neverland (Featured Story)

Chasing Neverland (Featured Story)

16 parts / 34 pages, updated Apr 28, 2014PicturesCompleted
Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling is trying hard to stay positive. But when another tragic event causes her more turmoil, she begins to isolate herself from... read more
177,714 reads votes 3,511 comments 929
Love You Everyday

Love You Everyday

16 parts / 31 pages, updated Mar 23, 2015
Berisi 19 cerita yang dibuat untuk merayakan umur yang akan berubah menjadi 19 tahun. ^^. Hanya cerita iseng yang dibuat demi kesenangan sendiri dan mungkin orang-oran... read more
59,606 reads votes 3,923 comments 377
Blanket of Stars

Blanket of Stars

10 parts / 20 pages, updated Mar 25, 2015VideoPictures
"They had fallen in love under a blanket full of stars" [Sequel to Chocolate Emergency]
7,155 reads votes 473 comments 228
Things I Never Told You

Things I Never Told You

22 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 29, 2015
❝You were like my drug, Aria. And I was completely and utterly addicted.❞ Cover Credit: cannulatedencores Copyright © 2015 | All Rights Reserved | thestickonthebox
16,141 reads votes 1,737 comments 794
Camping for Morons

Camping for Morons

8 parts / 25 pages, updated Mar 18, 2015
Sixteen-year-old Peryn Foster loves cheerleading, America’s Next Top Model and camping. So when her best friend suggests a camping trip, she eagerly accepts the offer ... read more
180,303 reads votes 5,095 comments 1,509
love, anonymous »

love, anonymous »

5 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 29, 2015
Dear Cole, I loved you. Love, Anonymous.
419 reads votes 38 comments 10
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