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Science Fiction typically revolves around a futuristic or space-age world wherein imaginative scientific and technological innovations are possible within the story’s established laws of nature. Science Fiction deals with the consequences and impact of science (actual or imagined) on individual and societal levels, and often includes advanced devices, such as time-machines, or other life forms, such as aliens.

Remove Black Magic/Vashikaran Mantra in UK, London, Birmingham

Remove Black Magic/Vashikaran Mantra in UK, London, Birmingham

1 page, updated Aug 06, 2014
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night school

night school

36 parts / 42 pages, updated Aug 04, 2014PG-13
15 year old Cassie Mérry gets the opportunity of a lifetime to join the night schedule at her school. This is a perfect way for her to get any easy college scholarship, and t... read more
6,033 reads votes 154 comments 25
I'm not afraid: Blood Sucker

I'm not afraid: Blood Sucker

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 02, 2014G
Vampires.. Do they exist? McKenzie Cullen, a half-blooded girl. She doesn't know that she's one of 'them'. Lucks are sending her clues about vampires but n... read more
54 reads votes 1 comments 0
Academy de la Freak: Start Again

Academy de la Freak: Start Again

5 parts / 21 pages, updated Aug 02, 2014PG-13
There’s a world where different doesn’t make the world go round. Instead, it splits society severely apart. The people who are different become known at t... read more
104 reads votes 3 comments 2
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