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With love as a driving force, a romance is a form of fiction that traces the growing relationship between two individuals, and oftentimes, the struggle to reconcile their differences or their pasts. The protagonists typically undergo personal development, equally challenged and changed by their beloved.

Saddest Love Story Ever

Saddest Love Story Ever

2 pages, updated Jul 27, 2013PG
tags / sad
532 reads votes 12 comments 5
Mr. Fortune 500 by suparfly

Mr. Fortune 500 by suparfly

10 parts / 13 pages, updated Nov 21, 2014
Since kindergarten we were inseparable. That was until I moved away after I finished fourth grade. I stayed in touch only to find out he was talking behind my ... read more
3,200 reads votes 99 comments 5
Love Through The Mail

Love Through The Mail

11 parts / 14 pages, updated Sep 23, 2014
“I bet you fifty bucks she'll chicken out.” Jannette whispered to Clair. “Nah, shes gotta prove you wrong once.” Clair whispered back. Jennette flicked her hair of... read more
1,163 reads votes 66 comments 32
Vampire Emerald's for Melissa

Vampire Emerald's for Melissa

37 parts / 71 pages, updated Jun 18, 2010PG
68,211 reads votes 799 comments 258
An Alpha's Rivalry

An Alpha's Rivalry

10 parts / 17 pages, updated Sep 13, 2013PG-13
When Jason comes home one day to find his mother killed by rogues, his life is knocked down like bricks. He sees no point in living since he has no mate. He was only ... read more
2,559 reads votes 83 comments 8
Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

4 parts / 10 pages, updated Aug 22, 2014
Roxanne Sift is sixteen, with an annoying bratty sister, workaholic parents, and a room that she complains is much too small. All in all, at a glance, she's just an ordinar... read more
733 reads votes 58 comments 88
Therapy || h.s.

Therapy || h.s.

44 parts / 117 pages, updated Nov 27, 2014PG-13
"Everyone is not destined to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially if you're confined by you own walls and trapped with your own demons. I am the therapist,... read more
15,111 reads votes 957 comments 1,623
My Arranged Marriage

My Arranged Marriage

31 parts / 54 pages, updated Nov 28, 2014PG
What happens when a very ordinary girl suddenly learns that she is the firstborn and direct descendant of a very powerful family? What happens when she is forced to... read more
11,684 reads votes 406 comments 160
high school here i come..  1

high school here i come.. 1

7 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 13, 2013PG-13
Layla's father and mother decide to send her off to public high school to find her mate so she can become alpha female, the problem is she's not a normal werewolf... read more
2,651 reads votes 61 comments 42
On The Run [In Process of Rewriting]

On The Run [In Process of Rewriting]

17 parts / 28 pages, updated Feb 25, 2013
Claire Masters has always been the good girl. When every one of her friends were out having fun and enjoying life, she was at home helping her family. Bu... read more
7,736 reads votes 179 comments 38
An UnRegular Romance (Mordecai x Rigby Human)

An UnRegular Romance (Mordecai x Rigby Human)

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Nov 09, 2014
(BoyxBoy) They've been bestfriends forver, through thick and thin as they say. Mordecai and Rigby spend there not so quiet days working as g... read more
1,077 reads votes 39 comments 10
Natsu X Lucy(NaLu one shots)

Natsu X Lucy(NaLu one shots)

16 parts / 6 pages, updated Nov 21, 2014Video
She likes her He likes her Just read and VOTE...... *Na_Lu one shots*
2,661 reads votes 71 comments 37
Take My Hand {BoyXBoy} -ON HOLD-

Take My Hand {BoyXBoy} -ON HOLD-

9 parts / 17 pages, updated Oct 17, 2014PG-13
Christian Miles is an aggrieved teenage boy. He has more than one secret that he is hiding from his peers, the ones who bully him. One of these secrets is th... read more
617 reads votes 53 comments 64
I Fell In love with a Beggar

I Fell In love with a Beggar

3 parts / 9 pages, updated Sep 19, 2014
Amelia 'Mia' Everhart is the envy of many women around the world. She's got the looks, power, influence, intelligence a person could ever wish for. In short,... read more
797 reads votes 26 comments 8
Happy Thoughts [ ON HOLD ]

Happy Thoughts [ ON HOLD ]

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 13, 2014PG-13
A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D "Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn't know you left open" -John Barrymore Beverley Carter refused to... read more
386 reads votes 20 comments 20
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