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Paranormal is a form of fiction that occurs in a modern-day setting, but contains creatures or happenings that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding or “normal” human experience. Paranormal stories often explore a human protagonist within a paranormal world, as well as their encounter with paranormal beings or individuals with paranormal abilities, such as ghosts, angels, vampires, werewolves, clairvoyants, or telekinetics.

Demon Prince

Demon Prince

22 parts / 28 pages, updated Dec 16, 2014
When the Demon Prince finds his mate, he is thrilled but there's one problem, his mate is an Angel. It also doesn't help the fact that Demons and Angels are sworn enemies, will they ever be together?
36,747 reads votes 1,502 comments 60
Deadly Beasts

Deadly Beasts

31 parts / 164 pages, updated Dec 15, 2014PG-13
Mary Arnold woke in hospital under police protection with little recollection of the events that led to her being there. She is protected by a department of the police that... read more
8,978 reads votes 639 comments 250


14 parts / 28 pages, updated Dec 18, 2014PG-13Completed
She’s going to hunt down the monster that killed her father. When Eve Whitlock finds her father’s dead body in his office, her world falls apart. If it weren’t for the sudden appear... read more
4,439 reads votes 335 comments 73


13 parts / 41 pages, updated Dec 14, 2014PG-13
Lela and Leah are twin sisters that have grown up together and have a bond stronger than life itself. As time goes on, they find out a family secret th... read more
3,891 reads votes 680 comments 255
My Mates A Fairy?!

My Mates A Fairy?!

51 parts / 161 pages, updated Dec 13, 2014PG-13
Mila Pontfere is an Omega in the northern Fenris Pack. She has a hard enough time living the life of the lowest standing pack member, but she isnt an ordinary Omega. Her ... read more
155,294 reads votes 5,043 comments 598


25 parts / 58 pages, updated Dec 16, 2014PG-13
I have always questioned the story of what I am. I have always questioned the hidden truth of the danger that lies beneath the purple glow of my eyes. I have always questioned... read more
148,211 reads votes 5,579 comments 630
To Keep You (boyxboy)

To Keep You (boyxboy)

14 parts / 47 pages, updated Dec 12, 2014PG-13
Letting someone you love go was always the hard part. Faced with the decision to keep them with you or to never see them again; how could you choose the latter? For R... read more
10,870 reads votes 698 comments 301
The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer

The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer

5 parts / 16 pages, updated Dec 15, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Abigail Archer lived a non-existent life. That is until Death arrived at her door with an interesting proposition... He asks her to live. But what w... read more
357,462 reads votes 2,991 comments 650


2 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 13, 2014PG-13
Rose Sweeney is brilliant. There isn't a spell she can't memorise or a potion she can't identify, but in a world where power is everything, Rose is at a disadvantage: because... read more
3,555 reads votes 224 comments 44
Lilian's Spell Book

Lilian's Spell Book

60 parts / 128 pages, updated Dec 16, 2013PG-13Completed
Jeane Jonson and her family inherit a haunted house – a house haunted in a very special, very beautiful way - a way that could either destroy or wildly transform their whole world.
612,081 reads votes 12,657 comments 1,140
Whispering Madness

Whispering Madness

15 parts / 76 pages, updated Dec 15, 2014
The second book to Blind Insanity. Jayden is finally out of the asylum and she's discovering things that she never thought that she would experience again. She is fi... read more
11,510 reads votes 772 comments 157
Angels Never Stay Silent  ( #Wattys2014 )

Angels Never Stay Silent ( #Wattys2014 )

85 parts / 37 pages, updated Dec 16, 2014PG-13
It was believed that angels only lived in heaven. They where wrong. Not completely though, all the earth angels where gone. But one. Alisa. Does ... read more
1,352,552 reads votes 29,484 comments 1,496
To Find Him

To Find Him

12 parts / 46 pages, updated Nov 17, 2014PGVideoPictures
Ellie George was sixteen when her brother, Theodore, went missing from summer camp at Rolling Woods. His disappearance was considered an accident -- a curious boy wandering o... read more
56,618 reads votes 2,041 comments 818
The Hard Mate [Old Version] (Watty Winner 2013)

The Hard Mate [Old Version] (Watty Winner 2013)

62 parts / 82 pages, updated Sep 27, 2013PG-13Completed
Mate – from the word soul mate – person who is ideally suited to you. Your perfect match. The one you're destined to be with. Your one true lo... read more
18,161,320 reads votes 365,601 comments 25,781


21 parts / 77 pages, updated Dec 02, 2014PG-13
Sophie Thwaite feels like a fish out of water-- literally. Moving to Chalance to escape the memories of a brutal relationship, she dives headfirst into the quiet, local college i... read more
11,312 reads votes 675 comments 103
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