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Paranormal is a form of fiction that occurs in a modern-day setting, but contains creatures or happenings that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding or “normal” human experience. Paranormal stories often explore a human protagonist within a paranormal world, as well as their encounter with paranormal beings or individuals with paranormal abilities, such as ghosts, angels, vampires, werewolves, clairvoyants, or telekinetics.

Unique, Different, and Rare

Unique, Different, and Rare

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Feb 05, 2015
Abigail Ray Johnson is 17 years old who just started Senior year. She is a person who is quiet, smart, and doesn't like to be the center of attention. But most ... read more
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The Hunter or the Hunted

The Hunter or the Hunted

15 parts / 17 pages, updated Nov 16, 2014
“Hunters and Werewolves don’t mate… do they?” Avery Williams lived in the lines of ‘kill’ or ‘get killed’. Why would she get killed? Well, one, she wasn’t a huma... read more
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Take to Flesh

Take to Flesh

2 parts / 8 pages, updated Oct 10, 2014Pictures
Three years ago, Adrian's world came crashing down around her. In the SIA, strength is everything when you're surround by all sorts of creatures, not to mention the Warden... read more
219 reads votes 14 comments 21
Evil changes people...

Evil changes people...

19 parts / 42 pages, updated Nov 25, 2014
Some evil can be fought... 17 year old Rowan Daniels struggles to live with her abusive alcoholic father. Reminded everyday, by her quote on quote, "whore of a ... read more
584 reads votes 42 comments 8
Life As a Lone Wolf

Life As a Lone Wolf

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Feb 14, 2015
A 17 year old girl struggles though the year as many wolfs from her pack keep calling her a dormant wolf which is the worst of the worst things a werewolf can have sa... read more
281 reads votes 16 comments 13
Alpha and the Hunter

Alpha and the Hunter

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Nov 17, 2014Video
Contains mpreg boyxboy and other content. Riley Smith is a hunter and he hates all supernatural creatures with a passion after all who wouldn't after they killed h... read more
1,710 reads votes 52 comments 21
Second Generation: Angels, Demons and Werewolves.

Second Generation: Angels, Demons and Werewolves.

19 parts / 45 pages, updated Mar 07, 2015
Copyright © 2014 __HELLIANS. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages of "Second generation"... read more
2,314 reads votes 160 comments 120
Emotional Scars

Emotional Scars

7 parts / 6 pages, updated Jan 06, 2015
Elvira is the hopeless slave girl everyone picks on for their own entertainment not including the Alpha and Beta. She's been living through this for ten years and she's h... read more
443 reads votes 23 comments 3


4 parts / 25 pages, updated Nov 12, 2014Video
"Don't tell me you're afraid of what I am? Because you're the same thing as us." Anger at his words flared up at me and forgot my fear pushing him off me growling. ... read more
334 reads votes 8 comments 0
Bewitching Morgan

Bewitching Morgan

16 parts / 19 pages, updated Mar 16, 2015
What if you woke up one day in the Headmistress's office in a school you've never been in to find that you are here simply because of what you are, But what are you? W... read more
76 reads votes 13 comments 4
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