My Stolen First Kiss

My Stolen First Kiss

17 parts / 61 pages, updated Jan 10, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
When Jade Rochelle was ten years old, her first kiss was stolen by Jared Felton. Six years later Jade has still not forgiven him, although she doesn't really have to... read more
9,176,448 reads votes 186,381 comments 82,026
Unbreak My Heart  (ManxMan)

Unbreak My Heart (ManxMan)

10 parts / 34 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13Pictures
**************************SPOILER ALERT******************************* DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BREAKING FINN, IT WILL RUIN THE ENDING!! Don't eve... read more
91,086 reads votes 4,940 comments 1,235
The Demons Soul

The Demons Soul

25 parts / 71 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13
"How about this you either go to school and extend the wedding bells or we get married instead? I would love it if you picked the second option," he said with a... read more
631,531 reads votes 24,520 comments 2,835
Anarchy: Annihilation

Anarchy: Annihilation

14 parts / 70 pages, updated Jan 24, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
Annihilation (noun): complete destruction or obliteration Book Two of the Anarchy Trilogy "This is the end of us all." All Rights Reserved to styleslegend, 2014. ©
705,534 reads votes 43,363 comments 28,096
Mint (H.S.)

Mint (H.S.)

11 parts / 31 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13
SEQUEL TO ADORE "I never believed in misery, until it was me lying on the cologne soaked sheets, mascara running down my cheeks... crying. Gasping for air. Wishing that y... read more
380,912 reads votes 19,449 comments 4,459
Obsessed - Valentina B.

Obsessed - Valentina B.

47 parts / 220 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13Video
-I onda sve je započelo. Strasno i tjelesno—mračno i opasno. Bio je rizik –upoznati ga. Način na koji me promatrao, budio je u meni sve ono što nisam znala da postoj... read more
423,746 reads votes 26,908 comments 8,245
All Is Silence

All Is Silence

77 parts / 85 pages, updated Jan 24, 2015PG-13Pictures
What if death forgot you? In a future that could be ours, Lizzie, a suicidal teen-age girl, barely navigates her own life. Then everything falls apart. In an apocalyptic... read more
240,292 reads votes 8,272 comments 927
Illegally Yours ≫ l.t.

Illegally Yours ≫ l.t.

45 parts / 109 pages, updated Jan 24, 2015PG-13
She was this artsy and eccentric girl who was pathetically obsessed with him, but he had no idea. When she saves him from an accident and he loses his memory, she ends up doing the craziest thing she could ever do.
2,581,344 reads votes 92,208 comments 83,975
The Code of The Alpha

The Code of The Alpha

16 parts / 38 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13
When Caroline Blair meets her mate, she realizes he's Alpha Luca Ronan; the most feared and influential werewolf of them all. With his unpredictable temperament an... read more
220,363 reads votes 7,156 comments 877
The Alpha's Cinderella

The Alpha's Cinderella

12 parts / 41 pages, updated Jan 18, 2015PG-13Pictures
Cinderella dropped her glass slipper. Hilary Duff dropped her cell phone. Selena Gomez dropped her Zune. What did 16-year old werewolf Blair Summers drop? S... read more
948,163 reads votes 37,364 comments 5,196


3 parts / 10 pages, updated Jan 14, 2015PG-13Video
Tessa, her mother, and her boyfriend Noah are in her dorm room during her first day of college and she has been assigned a roommate named Steph. Steph has bright red hair, tattoos,... read more
693,587 reads votes 15,926 comments 23,224
The Hat Trick

The Hat Trick

35 parts / 221 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015PG-13
Bailey Summers; Eats, Sleeps and Breathes for the National Hockey League. She's going to the local University to become a Sports Analyst/Journalist she loves the sport so mu... read more
232,835 reads votes 4,109 comments 324
unbroken (werewolf)

unbroken (werewolf)

14 parts / 59 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13Pictures
Un·bro·ken - Not broken, fractured, or damaged. Not interrupted or disturbed; continuous. Not surpassed, unbeaten, undefeated; supreme. Too bad our enemies underestimated us...
178,737 reads votes 10,546 comments 1,850
Whoa Baby

Whoa Baby

27 parts / 125 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
Paisley Devoncourt is your typical sweetheart of the family that every parent is proud of. Smart, caring, responsible, and reliable. With her life set and planned she doesn't e... read more
1,013,193 reads votes 26,755 comments 6,408
At The Beta's Command

At The Beta's Command

28 parts / 79 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015Pictures
 Amber is your typical Senior Student who busies herself with passing grades, preparing for college, maintaining her two-year relationship with Blake and partying... read more
942,814 reads votes 21,073 comments 1,984
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