Vein of Life.

Vein of Life.

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Nov 23, 2014PG-13
Whilst most kids would be playing ball, begging for ice-cream or prancing around in the sun, she would observe curiously, reserved and knowing. Even as a child, she pitied t... read more
386 reads votes 67 comments 85
Too Trusting -Lashton- -slow-

Too Trusting -Lashton- -slow-

21 parts / 13 pages, updated Nov 24, 2014PG-13
Ashton despises Carrie. Who's Carrie, you may ask? She's Luke's girlfriend. Why does he despise her? Because she's not who Luke thinks she is.
147,283 reads votes 4,980 comments 2,197
Together Forever/Harry Styles

Together Forever/Harry Styles

25 parts / 39 pages, updated Nov 22, 2014
Harry and Gabby are happy they have the twins in their life. They haven't gotten married, but what will happen between Harry and Gabby, when lots of drama ... read more
33,158 reads votes 1,023 comments 274
OCD ➳ Larry Stylinson (Book One)

OCD ➳ Larry Stylinson (Book One)

29 parts / 63 pages, updated Nov 23, 2014PG-13
16-year-old Harry has OCD, causing him to have repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations, obsessions, and behaviors. He thinks he's a freak—wor... read more
189,414 reads votes 8,407 comments 3,927
Downright Delinquents.

Downright Delinquents.

33 parts / 120 pages, updated Nov 05, 2014PG-13Pictures
Hayley Larson is the girl everyone wants to be. She is a model, has amazing friends and has the perfect life. All of this is, until her father is brutally murdered. ... read more
8,684,197 reads votes 92,526 comments 14,260
With Love

With Love

4 parts / 10 pages, updated Nov 25, 2014PG-13
Jason Blackwood has enjoyed leading a life of debauchery and licentiousness, exemplified by his title and wealth. Although considered quite the catch, it would be in each debut... read more
1,579 reads votes 191 comments 11
Percy Jackson Headcannons

Percy Jackson Headcannons

131 parts / 27 pages, updated Nov 25, 2014G
Percy Jackson Headcannons! All credit goes to the story inspiration, if there is no credit, it was my idea completely. ... read more
1,649,597 reads votes 22,752 comments 12,643
Heartache On the Big Screen

Heartache On the Big Screen

23 parts / 58 pages, updated Nov 23, 2014PG-13
LARRY AU Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Two of the most famous actors in Hollywood. On screen, their chemistry is great. Casted as two best friends in ... read more
34,966 reads votes 1,942 comments 874
safe sex ➳ luke hemmings

safe sex ➳ luke hemmings

18 parts / 25 pages, updated Nov 23, 2014PG-13
"today we'll be talking about safe sex."
39,278 reads votes 1,428 comments 461
The Babysitter//h.s au

The Babysitter//h.s au

6 parts / 2 pages, updated Nov 22, 2014
"Jesus Christ Mom! I'm 17 years old, I don't need a babysitter!"
14,521 reads votes 851 comments 117
Daddy {jack gilinsky}

Daddy {jack gilinsky}

43 parts / 15 pages, updated Nov 23, 2014PG-13
She was just a girl until he turned her into his slave © alexaraywriting
68,771 reads votes 2,521 comments 281
RED  [student-teacher romance / teacher-student]

RED [student-teacher romance / teacher-student]

50 parts / 125 pages, updated May 19, 2014PG-13VideoCompleted
Sexy teacher, shy student: cat and mouse game. The die rolls changing it all. Passion chemistry. Magic bonbons. Hurry up to the gothic ball. R... read more
1,250,802 reads votes 10,021 comments 1,425
A Secret Affair [Zarry/Larry AU]

A Secret Affair [Zarry/Larry AU]

23 parts / 57 pages, updated Nov 22, 2014PG-13Video
So how long has this secret affair has been going on? Actually, it doesn’t matter. One day, one week, one month, a year or two years, it is still an affair. 'A Secret Affair!"
16,138 reads votes 1,356 comments 816
Rehabilitating Percy (GirlxGirl)

Rehabilitating Percy (GirlxGirl)

27 parts / 99 pages, updated Nov 24, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
'She lost control the way she obtained it: all at once or not at all.' Percy...well Percy is difficult. She's the kind of girl to take what she wants and ... read more
34,400 reads votes 1,320 comments 147
Tales of Gorania II: Rise of the Queen

Tales of Gorania II: Rise of the Queen

16 parts / 42 pages, updated Nov 21, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
No one thought of the young gorgeous princess as a threat, but Rona proved them all wrong. Now she wages a war against King Wilander, claiming her r... read more
28,251 reads votes 1,766 comments 645
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