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Horror is a form of fiction that intends to scare or disturb through a protagonist’s experience with an uncanny or menacing force. Horror evokes an emotional, psychological, or physical response (i.e., fear) within the reader and intrudes on a reader’s comfort level. Horror stories usually involve a protagonist’s confrontation with the unknown and the malevolent aspects of humanity, as well as the unsettling realisation that human knowledge is limited.

A Fairy Tail Halloween

A Fairy Tail Halloween

7 parts / 9 pages, updated Nov 20, 2014Pictures
Fairy Tail is getting ready for the upcoming holiday, Halloween. While everyone is having fun decorating and scaring their friends, something happens. Something ... read more
168 reads votes 11 comments 2
The Past Haunts

The Past Haunts

6 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 25, 2014
Lucy is a girl That just moved to Limitsville. A town where many tragic, misfortunate events have happened. She soon finds out about a family killing that happened in an ... read more
61 reads votes 19 comments 17
Goodbye MissHorrorStory?

Goodbye MissHorrorStory?

1 page, updated Oct 21, 2014GCompleted
Where has she gone?
885 reads votes 48 comments 176
Bullets, Blades, and Blood

Bullets, Blades, and Blood

6 parts / 8 pages, updated Nov 08, 2014PG-13
Brian Connor, a doctor at a minor Hospital, a courageous risk taker, now has to survive the Red Ring virus, which turns anyone into lifeless, decaying, organisms. The Zombies
192 reads votes 10 comments 12


3 parts / 2 pages, updated Nov 09, 2014
tags / bloody dolls mary
23 reads votes 2 comments 0
He Watches

He Watches

2 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 25, 2014
A short story of a young teen being followed by slender man
16 reads votes 0 comments 0
Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde

3 pages, updated Nov 10, 2014PG-13
Ian's just an average guy, with an average personality and an average intelligence. Quite forgettable. It's a pity that the only interesting thing about him is that he's ... read more
8 reads votes 1 comments 2
Fnaf questions/Theories

Fnaf questions/Theories

5 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 05, 2014GPictures
Ask me questions about fnaf and I will answer them the best I can (Accepting questions) I am also writing theories about fnaf if you seem interested then read -Monki
124 reads votes 0 comments 11
Cooroo Cooroo

Cooroo Cooroo

5 parts / 2 pages, updated Nov 12, 2014
Natalie's life was nothing out of the ordinary, then she started seeing the bird.
21 reads votes 5 comments 0


3 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014PG-13
My name is Nebunie. I am in an insane asylum. This is my story.
37 reads votes 7 comments 9
African Holocaust

African Holocaust

2 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
The turn of the 16th century saw great change within the world and marked the start of the transatlantic slave trade. The general attitude regarding life, wealth and po... read more
47 reads votes 2 comments 0
The Barn

The Barn

1 page, updated Nov 09, 2014PG-13Pictures
The shadow is coming
8 reads votes 1 comments 0
my story

my story

3 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 05, 2014
this is a story I have been working on for ages hope you like it.it is a story about a little boy kill the bad guy but 10 years later it comes back even stronger and harder to stop wait will happen will the boy die or will he kill it again
11 reads votes 0 comments 0
Little Red (Changed) story

Little Red (Changed) story

3 pages, updated Nov 02, 2014PG-13Pictures
Mask or not Face or not Proxy or not Creepypasta. My family.
0 reads votes 0 comments 0
We Don't Die

We Don't Die

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Nov 19, 2014PG-13
Rick and Andrea's story together re-told during the time of the Prison Arc, with a few twists.
368 reads votes 10 comments 3
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What are Horror stories? They intend to frighten readers and introduce feelings of horror and terror. Horror can be either supernatural or non-supernatural. You can chat with other Horror readers and writers here.