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Don't Call Me Crazy

Don't Call Me Crazy

10 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014
Do you know how it feels to not be your own person? To be laughed at by anyone who lays eyes on you? To have no control over yourself? To have an imaginary friend? ... read more
317 reads votes 28 comments 14
Little Amy

Little Amy

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 12, 2014PG-13Completed
There's something not right about little Amy. And somehow, the house that Amy and her family are in has something to do with it. *Very Short Story*
1,712 reads votes 71 comments 29
Legion - The Dark Rituals Book 3

Legion - The Dark Rituals Book 3

22 parts / 55 pages, updated Apr 18, 2014PG-13
Seventeen year old Colina Campbell is a Death Dealer. But she is unique even within the dark arts--she possesses magic that no one has ever seen before. No... read more
73,743 reads votes 2,434 comments 737


6 parts / 10 pages, updated Apr 07, 2014PG-13
Par·o·rex·i·a An abnormal or disordered appetite. What whets your desire?
19,858 reads votes 375 comments 158


136 parts / 78 pages, updated Apr 12, 2014PG-13
3,302,762 reads votes 21,957 comments 7,407
¡Conviviendo con imbeciles!

¡Conviviendo con imbeciles!

8 parts / 5 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014
181 reads votes 29 comments 15


21 parts / 23 pages, updated Apr 13, 2014
Sarah's an average teenager but when she gets kidnapped her world's turned upside down. Not knowing where she is and wondering if she is going to survive. This is Sarah's story about how being kidnapped can scar you forever.
193,382 reads votes 3,904 comments 1,394
Satanic  ➳ h.s. au

Satanic ➳ h.s. au

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 14, 2014PG-13
In the mid 90s, satanism was very popular among teenagers. Influenced by satanic movies and music about killing, torturing and human eating monsters, songs abo... read more
5,056 reads votes 358 comments 190
Execution Of Jacob Perez

Execution Of Jacob Perez

13 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 13, 2014PG-13
You will meet Jacob Perez. Jacob suffers from several mental disorders. Such as, Borderline personality disorder, Dissociative disorder, and Derealization. He has... read more
51,541 reads votes 1,982 comments 493
The Test

The Test

21 parts / 32 pages, updated Jan 29, 2014Completed
Going through my pictures, I went to the one that I had just taken, and the phone slowly slipped out of my grasp. What had escaped my notice before is that the couch I had ta... read more
1,003,246 reads votes 19,865 comments 5,836
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft

Dangan Ronpa Minecraft

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 18, 2014
Sixteen popular minecraft youtubers are forced into a mysterious, dark mansion by Herobrine himself. All windows, doors, and other escape routes are all blocked, p... read more
1,262 reads votes 116 comments 278
Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series One) Book 1

Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series One) Book 1

24 parts / 69 pages, updated Mar 10, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
*This book is published and FREE to download on all e-readers* The No 1 bestseller now available to read at wattpad! "Vampire Shift wi... read more
111,439 reads votes 2,023 comments 340
The Message

The Message

21 parts / 5 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014
Cassidy and her best friend Angelina are home alone. then some twists happened and next thing you know its a battle to the death. who's gonna win, read to find out!
170,246 reads votes 2,798 comments 1,011
The Z Contingency

The Z Contingency

19 parts / 22 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014PG
The zombie apocalypse is coming. A scientist at the CDC has that terrifying realization when infected victims start displaying the symptoms predicted by his model. A ... read more
722 reads votes 103 comments 7
Pocket Wilderness

Pocket Wilderness

12 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 16, 2014PG-13Completed
On a cold autumn day, two teenage brothers go hiking through a remote Appalachian backwoods trail, completely unaware that murder is stalking them close behind. The dee... read more
663 reads votes 59 comments 67
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